Where to Get Rare Relics

This quick guide shows you the vital steps to obtain Rare Relics in Lost Ark, and where to get it.
Where To Get rare relics lost ark
Rare Relic

Rare Relics are an essential material to use when crafting Treasure Maps in Lost Ark. When you craft treasure maps, you can go to the secret location and excavate there. At the end of the map, you can be rewarded with items like Star’s Breath and Moon’s Breath, for example. Items like these Breaths can help increase your item upgrade success rate, and thus are vital to saving on other upgrade materials.

Best Rare Relic Farming Route in Lost Ark

Finding Relics Lost ARk
Finding Relics

At these locations, you will have the chance to get Rare Relics to drop, especially from the Old Relics that you have a chance to locate!

Rare Relics from Azure Wind Island

Azure Wind Island provides Tier 2 Excavating materials. Here there are so many spawns, and no enemies to fight off. Feel free to follow this island route to your heart’s content:

Azure Wind Island Excavating Farm
Azure Wind Island Excavating Farm

Rare Relics from Arid Path

You can always find out if you are able to excavate in a region by looking at the in game map, and seeing if a relic is shown on the map. When we show you the picture of the Arthetine Excavating Route below, you will notice the grey relic rune in the top right corner. this indicates there are relics available in this area.

If you are still leveling or in Tier 1, we suggest Arid Path, located in Arthetine. This area is usually empty in terms of other players competing for relics. There are also a ton of spawn points, so you will be endlessly digging. You will definitely need to be ready to kill off any enemies in the area, but it is well worth it.

Arthetine Excavating Route
Arthetine Excavating Route

T3 Rare Relic Farm – Tikatika Colony Punika

At Tikatika Colony, you will find tier 3 special materials through excavating. Many players use the Secret Forest, so Tikatika Colony may be less busy.

Caldar Relic Farm – Secret Forest Punika

The popular Secret Forest relic farm is shown here. This is a good place for tier 3 special materials, but it can be hot with competition from other players.

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