Where To Use Sunset Scales in Lost Ark

In this concise guide we show you where to turn in Sunset Scales in Lost Ark. Follow this quick and easy guide to use them!
where to use sunset scales lost ark

Sunset Scales are obtained when you complete Tier 3 Abyss Dungeons. You can use these scales to trade for Epic Accessories and Ability Stones. These accessories will come at 1325 Item Level and roll random engravings on them. You get a lot of Sunset Scales from the Abyss Dungeons, so you will have many chances to roll some good engravings to use or sell!

  • Accessories Cost: 1x Sunset Scale
  • Ability Stones Cost: 2x Sunset Scale

First Stop: Where To Hand In Sunset Scales in Lost Ark

To hand these Sunset Scales in for your rewards, first locate the [Abyss Trade] in your main town. The icon looks similar to many other icons, where it is a grey closed chest with some black background. You may have to hover your mouse over these icons until you spot it. You should be able to find this in any of the main towns where you can find most of the other features like auction houses, chaos dungeons, etc. Some towns, such as Luterra Castle, have an Abyss Trade Vendor but DO NOT sell T3 gear for Sunset Scales. If you do not see them, try another town. Here is the location in North Vern:

Abyss Trade Vendor

Choose Accessories at the Abyss Trade Vendor

Once you are at the [Abyss Trade] Vendor, you will see that Accessories are available for the prices we quoted in the intro to this guide. Don’t forget to check the bottom of the Exchange window for multiple pages. The Ability Stones below are actually on the 2nd page. Happy Hunting and good luck on those engraving rolls!

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