Where to Watch Paris Games Week, and Predictions

Paris Games Week 2015 is almost among us and it’s probably too late to purchase a ticket now, but you’re in luck because thanks to the wonders of the internet Sony’s whole press conference can be streamed  right to your home. We’ll make the whole process even easier by throwing a link to the livestream right here, it starts tomorrow (27/10/15) at 4:45PM GMT. In case you miss it The Games Cabin will try to get as much coverage to you as possible.

President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, Shuhie Yoshida... yup.
President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhie Yoshida… yup.

Now prediction time. It’ll be three predictions under the headings Crazy, Cool, Confirmed. Crazy are the ones we’d like to see but don’t believe will actually happen. Cool are the ones we think are likely, but not guaranteed. Lastly Confirmed are predictions we think are so likely we’d eat our hats if they don’t come through! It’ll be the name of the author followed by their predictions.


Crazy: It’s a running joke by now, in fact PSN pretty much is, but I’m going to predict that Shuhei Yoshida will come out on stage and announce that from tomorrow onwards we will be able to change our PSN names. He will then drop the mic and leave the stage.

Cool: This one seems likely to me: PlayStation VR will get around 20 minutes of stage time, three exclusive titles announced for it, a release date, and price. I think Sony really has to push it now in order to show people why they need it, or they run the risk of it underperforming like the Move.

Confirmed: An Uncharted 4 multiplayer reveal, I wanted to say Horizon: Zero Dawn release date but let’s be a little bolder. There might not be any gameplay, but I think we’re owed a trailer, riddled with dub-step the whole way through, by now.


Crazy: Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky will get a demo released during the show, a la Microsoft’s surprise Gears of War beta release at this year’s E3. What, it could happen…

Cool: Some new annoucements regarding PS Plus, more specifically, what’s to come in November. It’d also be champion if Sony would come out and speak more about PS Now and announce it for more devices.

Confirmed: As Conor says, more Uncharted is practically a given, but I’m a lot more interested in what Media Molecule has been cooking with Dreams. We’ll almost definitely see more of it in action, perhaps even a release date?

There you have it our Crazy, Cool, Confirmed predictions for Sony’s Paris Games Week 2015 Press Conference, hopefully some other writers in the Cabin will update the article with their predictions. If you want to make your own predictions throw them down in the comments below and we’ll write a follow-up article that you could be featured in if your prediction comes through, or if it’s so crazy and amusing that we just can’t resist including it.