Who Are Ya Player Answer Today – Sunday September 18 2022

A growingly popular game for all the football fans out there, Who Are Ya, is a daily guessing game where players need to guess a chosen footballer in just 8 guesses by starting with a blurred image of the player. Each guess provides 5 icons showing your guessed players nation, league, team, position and age, which will highlight green if the guess provided fits within that category. For example, if you guess an Italian footballer and the chosen player plays in Italy, but isn’t the chosen player, the Serie A league icon will highlight green on your guess, whereas other incorrect guess icons will remain grayed out.

There is also another helping hand on the age icon, which provides an arrow pointing up or down depending on what age the chosen player is, indicating if you need to choose an older or younger player on your next guess.

As with any word game, crossword or any game in general that’s forever changing, the difficulty also changes with this and some days are just too hard to know the answer. The Premier League alone has nearly 550 players and Who Are Ya covers the top 5 European leagues. That said though, it’s no shame to need a helping hand one day with the Who Are Ya player answer, to keep that streak going, and that’s where we come in with the Who Are Ya answer today for Sunday September 18 2022.

Who Are Ya Player Answer: Sunday September 18 2022

You’ve made it down to this part and we’re just entering stoppage time before we reveal the answer, so just in case you want one final guess before the final whistle and you see the answer, scroll back up now and have that final guess, otherwise scroll down to see the answer.

Here is the Who Are Ya player answer today:

Lautaro Martinez

We hope this helped to keep your streak alive and you’ll come back for further solutions whenever you get stuck on any popular word game or crossword. If you’re into niche word games, make sure to check out all the other category specific games out there, which we also cover with daily answers if you’re ever in need of a helping hand. A few to mention are the country based Globle, the music based Heardle, the movie based Framed, or even the mathematics based Nerdle.