Whoops: VG24/7 Writes an Uncharted 4 Preview Based on Uncharted 2 on PS4; Naughty Dog Has a Giggle

Oh dear. There are clangers, then there are proper clangers. We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve dropped the ball in the past and posted a few stories with some slight inaccuracies (accidentally, of course) but we’ve yet to post a preview of a game that’s based upon an older installment in the series. This is exactly what VG24/7 has done.

Yes, the unimaginable has happened. VG24/7 recently did a write-up of Uncharted 4 where they criticised it for being a bit too familiar, but at least the graphics were decent. However, it has recently come out that the Uncharted 4 preview in question was actually written after playing Uncharted 2 on PS4 at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Ouch. How did the author not realise?

VG24/7’s editor has recently published an apology for the mishap. Fair enough: mistakes happen, and even though it was a royal whopper, we can’t really fault the editor for his honesty. It’s all too easy to just let these things disappear and fizzle out on their own, but to actively bring it back into the spotlight by holding your hands up and admitting a fault is somewhat admirable.

You’d think that the guys and gals at Naughty Dog would be a wee bit annoyed at this, wouldn’t you? That’s not the case, apparently, as Uncharted 4’s creative director Neil Druckmann recently posted a very tongue-in-cheek reply on twitter.