Why Starscourge Radhan is the Best Elden Ring Boss

Maybe even the best Soulsbourne Boss….?

Maybe even the best Soulsbourne Boss….?

Elden Ring has made big waves in just a few weeks after release. The newest entry in the “Soulsbourne” legacy is a massive open world filled with over 100 bosses. Some of which are far more notable than others. By far, at the top of the list would be Starsource Radhan, not only notably cinematically and as a boss fight.

This boss’ noteworthiness starts from the second you enter his castle. This castle is almost empty, unlike any location in a Souls game or Elden Ring. Once you enter the central courtyard, you hear a voice declaring a festival. As many unique characters wait around expressing an interest to fight Starscourge Radhan by your side. Having this many characters to interact with the same place is a notable irregularity for Soulsbourne games. This only adds to the atmosphere and the building tension before the fight.

After meeting your fellow contestants, you head to a riverbank, looking out at a massive island that was the site of an ancient battle. The island in its eternity is the battlefield, giving you many options on where to fight. (Learn from Obi-Wan and take the high ground) Thousands of swords, banners, and armor of long-lost soldiers are on this island. The island was once the final battle in the ancient war in Elden Ring lore. This massive battlefield sets an incredible stage for the battle with the demi-god Radhan.

As the battle starts, you are presented with many NPC summon signs near your spawn point. Each summon sign relates to one of the many contestants you met earlier. Now with your small battalion, you charge towards Radhan as he fires a giant arrow. With up to eight summons for the battle, this is the biggest battle you can be a part of in any game in the series.

When you finish your charge and get to Radahn, you realize how massive he is in comparison to you and just how quickly he can get around while also attacking. It’s highly recommended you fight this battle on horseback, and Radhan takes this advice too. Despite his massive size and legs that seemed like they were on the ground, Radhan is still riding his horse from the last battle that took place on this Island. This design choice makes you wonder if the actual demi-god is Radhan or the small horse able to run full speed with a giant on its back.

After you and your band of warriors finally defeat Radhan, the victory cutscene begins after who knows how many tries. Looking up to the beautifully designed night sky, a meteor shower begins. It ends with the largest one striking somewhere in Limgrave. This further ties back to Radhan’s lore as the Starscourge. While he was alive, he held back the stars that fell upon his death.

Elden Ring is full of many exciting bosses that would be worthy of discussion, but Starscourge Radhan will always be the most memorable. Despite the incredible difficulty, this fight is impressive. You may even enjoy the fact you get to experience it so many times.