Wii U Can Fight Off PS4 & Next Xbox

Nintendo Wii U GamePad Purchase

Fils-Aime took some time to chat with the Seattle Times about Nintendo’s latest console offering and how it will stand up against Sony and Microsoft’s future home consoles.


Q: Will the Wii U and its capabilities last you through the next console generation?

A: We think so. It’s based on having great graphics, it’s based on having a robust online execution. We believe that this system is going to have a very long life, and it’s going to be very well supported by third-party publishers.

Q: Can you fend off the Xbox 720 and PS4?

A: Once you talk about what that is, we can probably fend it off.

So it seems like Nintendo is happy to be a bit behind the competition, and in all fairness, it worked out pretty well with the Nintendo Wii, so why not with the Wii U?

What do you think? Will the Wii U be able to compete with the ‘Next Xbox’ and ‘Playstation 4’? Let us know in the comments below.