Wii U has officially launched in North America

The Wii U has now landed.. in America at least (November 30th for us in Europe/UK and December 8th for all you over in Japan). Nintendo held a launch event last night in New York city, hosted by Reggie Fils-Aime,  to launch their newest home system in six years at ‘Nintendo World’ (their New York based store).

The Wii U comes in two different SKU packages – ‘The basic model’ which comes in at $299/£249 is loaded with 8GB storage and comes in white. The alternative version ‘The deluxe model’ costing $349/£299 is packed with 32GB of storage plus includes a copy of Nintendo Land and contains added accessories such as a stand for both the console and the Gamepad.

Today is not only a big day for Nintendo fans but also for all gamers, because not only has Nintendo’s new generation console launched but it’s also the start of the 8th generation for video gaming.

Have you picked up a Wii U yet? any launch stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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