Winds & Leaves Takes a Trek to Steam VR Today

A walk on the wild side
winds and leaves pcvr release date

A walk on the wild side

Are you ready for a whimsical walk through nature? It may be chilly outside, but with the warmth of a VR headset, you can explore the world of Winds & Leaves today on Steam with any Steam VR compatible headset.

Originally released on PSVR earlier this year, Trebuchet’s Winds & Leaves is out now on Steam and is available to play on Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HP Reverb, and any other Steam VR compatible headset.

If you’re an Oculus purist, Winds & Leaves will be getting a dedicated release on the Oculus Rift Store sometime in early 2022.

Winds & Leaves takes players on a journey across barren lands and it’s your job to bring life back to the dying world by planting seeds, growing forests, and solving the puzzles and mysteries.

The new PC release brings with it a range of improvements over the PSVR original. The Steam version offers higher resolutions – as far as your rig can handle, that is. The draw distances have been improved along with the density of the world’s vegetation and trees. And, as PCVR players aren’t restricted in the same ways PSVR players are, there’s a new room-scale mode and 360-degree rotation setting, allowing you to really move around inside Winds & Leaves’ colourful world.

Winds & Leaves Steam Launch Trailer

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