World of Tanks Goes Festive With Its Own Advent Calendar – Premium Tanks, Items, and Other Offers Galore

Christmas time… Mistletoe and… Whiskey? Tanks? Yeah, sounds about right to us. Wine is so last year anyway…

We’re not the only ones getting in the festive spirits; World of Tanks developer Wargaming has slapped together its very own advent calendar for you to wake up to each morning. There are 24 advent boxes to open, each containing a new daily offer in the run up to Christmas. There will be offers on all sorts of World of Tanks goodies, such as premium war machines, rare items, and much more.

So get your Christmas hat on, stick The Killers’ latest festive tune on (Dirt Sledding, it’s bloody brilliant), and get yourself some festive goodies. Seems a bit weird though, doesn’t it? A war game promoting goodwill among men… Stranger things have happened, we suppose.

You can see the advent calendar here. Be sure to bookmark it for the duration of December.