World of Tanks on PS4 Getting Three-Day Beta From January 8th, Paid Founder’s Packs Will Be Available

World of Tanks on PS4 will be getting a second open beta in just a couple of days time, mere weeks after the initial beta on Sony’s home console. The second beta will last three days and will begin on January 8th.

Announced with a press release sent to The Game Cabin, Wargaming also notes that Founder’s Pack bundles will be available to buy on the PlayStation Store from January 8th, though there’s no mention of pricing structures just yet. However, we do know what the Founder’s Pack Bundles include. From the press release:

“These Founder’s Pack bundles will be loaded with Premium vehicles and in-game content including Premium Account time, in-game currency and rare tanks, at a discount. Additionally, the M22 Locust US Light Tank along with a special camouflage honoring the original PlayStation® and the T1E6-PS US Premium Light Tank will be gifted to all tankers who log in during the Beta Weekend.”

So even if you don’t splash out for one of the Founder’s Pack Bundles, you’ll still get something for free. Not bad, not bad at all.