World of Tanks PS4 Open Beta Goes Live December 4th, Exclusive In-Game Content and Pre-Release Bundles

Free-to-play games are something of a taboo these days, mainly because most of the time it translates to “pay-to-win”, but that’s not really the case with Wargaming’s series of free-to-play games, including World of Tanks. The developer recently announced that it’s porting World of Tanks to the PS4 after a successful spell on the Xbox 360, PC, and Xbox One. Here’s a few screenshots if you’re wanting to have a look.

More recently Wargaming also announced a beta would be taking place. The open beta will be available from December 4th through until December 6th. It coincides with the PlayStation Experience event going on this December 5th and 6th where Wargaming will actually be present. You can find them at booth #1200.

The developers have some special goodies planned for PS4 players and everyone who participates in the open will get some exclusive in-game stuff.

“Exclusive in-game items await those taking part in the three day Beta event. All players who login during the Beta period will receive a PlayStation® 20th anniversary exclusive M22 Locust US light tank, adorned in a tribute PlayStation® grey color scheme honoring the original PlayStation® along with a special emblem.”

That’s not all: there’s going to be even more stuff. We do love stuff, we do.

“Pre-Release bundles will become available in the PlayStation®Store which include a free T1E6-PS US Premium light tank with exclusive camouflage and four Founder’s Packs with special Premium tanks available for a limited time.”

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