World of Tanks PS4 Release Date Set for January 19th

Two open betas, countless press releases, and a few trailers later, World of Tanks is finally set to deploy its army on PS4. Wargaming has announced today that World of Tanks will release as a free-to-play game on the PS4 this January 19th, 2016. Being a free-to-play title, World of Tanks will of course take place online where you’ll fight it out against other players. The good news is that, unlike most other games, you won’t require a PlayStation Plus subscription to get in on the action. Hurrah!

World of Tanks on PS4 features enhanced visuals, along with platform specific features and limited-time exclusive content for players. You’ll be able to remote play World of Tanks onto your PlayStation Vita and any compatible device, though special efforts have been made by the developers to ensure that the game remains playable with the PS Vita’s control input methods.

World of Tanks will offer Platinum Trophies, along with four different Founder’s Packs containing a variety of Premium in-game content available now in the PlayStation®Store. Players that login before January 31, 2016, will be gifted theT1E6-PS US Premium Light Tank with exclusive camouflage.

Plus members will gain access to a Premium Bundle at launch including the exclusive Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J German Light Tank bundle with 3 days of Premium Account time along with special discounts on other purchases.

The wait is finally over for PlayStation®4 tankers! Wargaming today announced that World of Tanks will launch January 19, on PlayStation®4. World of Tanks will feature enhanced visuals, utilizing the full power of the PlayStation®4 system along with platform specific features and limited-time exclusive content for logging into the game.

We’ll be diving head-first into our tanks this January 19th to get our hands on the game, so expect our review sometime shortly afterwards.

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