WoW Dead? Gamers Flock to FFXIV

wow loosing steam to final fantasy
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Is WoW Done for?

There has been a ton of talk about Final Fantasy XIV lately, an 11 year old game at this point, released originally in September 2010.

There have been 4 expansions released since then, Heavensword (2015), Stormblood (2017), Shadowbringers (2019), and Endwalker (2021).

So why all of the sudden are gamers leaving World of Warcraft for FFXIV?

WoW players are getting sick of the same old issues with the game, being regurgitated expansion after expansion. BellularGaming breaks down some updates on WoW’s playerbase dropping by more than 50%.

There seems to be not much new content to do in WoW these days – even when exploring the old content. I mean you can go and spend hours to Unlock the Zandalari Troll Race but it’s just not that exciting.

Asmongold taking away the gold from Blizzard

Even WoW’s largest stream Asmongold has turned to Final Fantasy. He recently hosted an Allcraft episode with Bellular where they discussed all the issues with WoW and compare it to FFXIV.

Some highlights discussed include:

  • Final Fantasy search terms on google search have actually surpassed WoW for the first time ever.
  • The speakers agree that Blizzard has lost it with the story telling in current WoW expansions. Questionable decisions have been happening over and over as the plot moves along. This reddit post received many awards and great discussion on Sylvannis story issues getting bland.
  • Final Fantasy feels like a much more complete game. They may not have as much quantity of content, but the quality is much better.
  • Final Fantasy actually makes old content repeatable and fun. Playing with friends is rewarding in both experience as well as gear. WoW’s timewalking system is flawed, easy, and the rewards are abysmally irrelevant.
  • The goals that Blizzard is putting out there for gamers to complete are purely for time sinks, to the point that when you complete challenges, you still feel like you wasted your time.

The video goes on to discuss a myriad of issues World of Warcraft has been having and running into over and over again. Final Fantasy XIV just doesn’t seem to have many of these issues. They are releasing authentic, fun to play content, that keeps having players stay for more.

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