Wylde Flowers Adept Identity: Who Is Adept?

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Progressing Fairhaven Coven questline, but can’t figure out who Adept is? This is where our guide on Wylde Flowers Adept’s identity will come in handy. Wylde Flowers is a farming simulation game with a touch of witchcraft the game cleverly implements in its story and gameplay. While progressing through various quests throughout the seasons, players get something called Coven quests, where they learn about a secret organization called Fairhaven Coven consisting of Witches who wear masks and go by alias than their actual names. Continue reading our Wylde Flowers Adept’s identity guide, and you will learn who Adept is.

Who Is Adept In Wylde Flowers

The thirty-eight-year-old Fairhaven town doctor, Amira Syed, is the true identity of Adept, one of the five witches that make up The Fairhaven Coven. 

If you didn’t know, The Fairhaven Coven is a secret organization that comprises five witches who go by the following alias:

  • High Priestess
  • Farseer
  • Journeyman
  • Adept
  • Acolyte

Tara’s Gramma was the Elder of The Fairhaven Coven whom she visited in Fairhaven, taking over her Farm while learning witchcraft to continue her legacy. 

While progressing through the Wylde Flowers, you will get different Fairhaven Coven quests from Gramma and other members like Acolyte that you can progress and complete to join the ranks of the five witches while revealing their true identity. 

  • To gift favourite foods to different characters in Wylde Flowers, you must know how to unlock its recipe and cook it. Please read our guide Wylde Flowers all cooking recipes for such details. 

Learning about the true identity of the five witches while playing Wylde Flowers is one of the most exciting things in the game. And the best part is you get some of the most valuable incantations and potion recipes by completing these quests. 

That said! Now that you know the true identity of Adept being, Amira Syed, did you know she is one of the romanceable characters in Wylde Flowers? If not! Now you know. You can increase your friendship level with Amira and progress her Heart meter to eventually take her on a date and marry her.

Here are Amira’s favourite foods that will help you increase her Heart meter fast. 

  • Honey Mint Cooler
  • Fesenjan (Pomegranate Walnut Stew)
  • Jeweled Rice
  • Zeytoon Parvardeh (Marinated Olives)
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

You will get your first Fairhaven Coven quest called Steeped in Mystery from Gramma during the spring. From there, continue the Coven questline, and you will eventually reach a point where you must know the true identity of Adept. 

That concludes our guide on Wylde Flowers Adept’s identity. For more news, guides, and features on the game, check out our Wylde Flowers dedicated section.

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