Xbox 360 Laptop Actually Looks Amazing

Ben Heck, best known on the internet as the master-modder who can take a console and make it into a cool user friendly portable has struck again with his latest Xbox 360 laptop.

Ben has previously turned the Nintendo 64 and PS1 into handhelds, used bits and bobs fro around the house to create controller’s for people with severe disabilities, and even created laptops from Xbox 360’s and PS3’s. This time though, he has really, and I mean really done it justice.

The final product actually looks very impressive and considering its packing the entire contents of an Xbox 360 inside, minus the hard drive, and a screen worth playing your games on, you can’t fault him.

Yes, there is no hard drive, but there are USB ports which are more than capable of holding your game saves.

I’m impressed and amazed by the ingenuity of one man, but I’m also massively surprised that Microsoft hasn’t tried to capitalise on it.

Now how much for it?

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