Xbox Game Pass Owners Can Play Craftopia Free

Craftopia is a multiplayer open-world survival action game that is still under development. However, it already has good features.  Craftopia provides a unique experience for gamers. Craftopia seems determined to include a little bit of every type of game possible.

Developers include the best characteristics of popular games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Pokemon. Craftopia has popular features from popular games such as automation, farming, hack-and-slash, and building new places. Rocket Pair, Inc. announces that Craftopia can be played by gamers who have Xbox Game Pass on Xbox series One, X, and XS

Open world

Craftopia has a beautifully designed open world. Players can expand the open world with an expansion pack. Craftopia players can explore a lot of new maps via the teleportation gate. Players can build what they want in Craftopia‘s open world. For example, they can create palas to live in. Players can create huge meat factories with automation machines.


When players enter the Craftopia‘s dungeons, they will face ruthless enemies such as skeleton kings and skeleton archers. Enemies are so powerful in this game. When they start to hit There is no way to stop their combos. Players will spend their time avoiding enemy attacks. Because if players die, players will lose their inventory.

Enormous skill tree 

Players can choose +100 different skills to master. Craftopia‘s skill tree makes the game more realistic than the other open-world survival games. Because players can choose their roles in the open world. They can be everything such as assassin, mechanic, farmer, and salesperson.

While playing Craftopia players has a lot of things to learn

Open-world games have just basic features like chop down trees or collect food. However, Craftopia players can spend their entire weekend learning new concepts related to Craftopia. The game has a lot of features to learn. This makes Craftopia enjoyable.

Players can use every type of vehicle while playing Craftopia.

It is known that Open world game players spend most of their time walking around the open world to reach more valuable items. However, Craftopia players do not need to spend their entire time walking around the world because there are plenty of transportation options. This feature makes the game more player-friendly.

Players can use every type of vehicle while playing Craftopia.

Craftopia’s multiplayer mode seems like a real world 

One of the amazing features of the game, players can interact with each other like in the real world. They can make trades, fights, and create relationships. Also, they can create clans to fight in dungeons. 

craftopia multiplayer

What is waiting for Players

  • Farming: While players play Craftopia, they can grow 20+ crops. Players can use those crops to build new machines or fuel up their machines. 
  • Industrialization: Players can automate every process while playing. If players do not like to collect wood, They can automate the process. 
  • Animals can be collected by players like Pokemon with the monster prism. 
  • Players can find precious treasures in dungeons that are full of dangers.
  • Players can create various character types with the character creation tool. 

You can watch the Craftopia trailer below!

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