Xbox Live Core Services Down on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Xbox Live core services are currently down on Xbox One and Xbox 360, well, we say down but the official Xbox Live status page says that they’re ‘limited’ and that Microsoft engineers are working hard to bring the services back up as soon as possible.

We’ll keep you updated as to when the services come back to full functionality. In the mean time, why not play some offline games? We hear GTA V is pretty good and that Call of Duty has a campaign mode. No, really.

Also of note is that the IGN Xbox 360 app is down again. Don’t worry – The Games Cabin Xbox 360 app isn’t down.

Mainly because we don’t have one…

[Update 1] 21:30 GMT: The issues are still out there and they’ve now moved onto Xbox on other devices as well as Xbox on Windows 10. Bloody Nora.

[Update 2] 22:45 GMT: Stop yer’ whining yer’ bunch of whiners: the Xbox Live core services are back up and running. Go back to stealing money in GTA V Online.

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