Xbox Live Core Services Limited on Xbox One and Xbox on Other Devices [Updated]

[Update 02:25] Some users are still reporting that they are unable to sign-in to Xbox Live on Xbox One, despite Microsoft’s assurances that the service is back to normal.

[Update 01: 35 GMT] The technical wizards over at the Xbox Live bunkers have managed to get the service working again. At least it seems to be working

It’s barely been a couple of days since the last round of Xbox Live outage, but once again we’re sat here in our undies typing out another article on the subject. Such is the life, eh…

Xbox One users may be experiencing difficulties with the Xbox Live services as the core services are currently limited, as stated by the Xbox Live status page.

It’s not just Xbox One users either as the official page has also noted that Xbox on other devices is currently being affected, too.

Yes, we may sit and moan when the PSN and Xbox Live go down, but it’s not the end of the world – not really. You may not be able to jump online and shoot people in the face with Call of Duty, but at least you can actually still play the console.

Incidentally, Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows 10 to millions of users across the globe. Could it be connected to this? Haven’t the foggiest, but it might be.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the latest outage, so be sure to check back in with The Games Cabin.

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