Xbox Live Live Social and Gaming is Having Issues, Again [Updated]

To be quite frank, we’re getting sick of writing the same headline now. Once every few weeks is fine, but three times in as many days is starting to get annoying. We’ve gone from “a little miffed” to “seriously displeased.”

Only a few hours ago we reported that core services, as well as social and gaming, were having problems on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 10, and Xbox Live on other devices. Today we’re telling you the same thing, more or less.

As usual, Microsoft has stated on its status page that the engineers are hard at work and the affected services should be back up and running soon. We’re quite inclined to believe them, too, as the two previous outages were relatively short.

In the meantime, check back in with The Games Cabin to keep up to date with the latest gaming news, as well as updates on Xbox Live.

[Update 16:00 GMT: Once again, the Xbox Live engineers have managed to smooth everything out. Happy days.]