Xbox Live’s Eric Neustadter Created The First Xbox Live Gamertag, But Now He’s Leaving Microsoft

You probably put a lot of thought into your gamertag back in the days when Xbox Live first launched. Or perhaps you didn’t, and instead you ended up with XxXN00bB00bXxX or something equally atrocious.

Simplicity is always the key, or so we reckon. Xbox Live’s Eric Neustadter was of the same opinion when he created the first ever Xbox Live gamertag profile back in 2002. Instead of going with any overly complicated drivel, he simply named his online self “e” – an abbreviation of his already quite short name. Really, could he not have been bothered to tap in a couple more letters?

That’s beside the point. The point is the guy is now leaving Xbox after having spend nearly 15 years working as the Operations Manager for Xbox Live. He may no longer be a part of the Xbox Live team, but his well-thought out gamertag will live on.