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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility is Ready to Go, 104 Xbox 360 Games Await You

Today Microsoft began releasing the New Xbox One Experience update to Xbox One owners all over the globe. It’s been a staggered release, so don’t worry if you’ve still not updated yet.

The new update also brings with it backwards compatibility, meaning that you can play your older Xbox 360 games on your newer Xbox One console. That part of the update has been activated by Microsoft and you’re now free to browse the available titles of which there are 104. You can find the full list of backwards compatible titles here.

The list may seem a little low at the moment, but don’t worry: Microsoft has already stated that more are on the way and that we can expect new games to be added often. Cracking stuff.

Backwards compatibility was previously restricted to a set number of games and was only available for Xbox Live Preview Program members.

What games are you hoping get added to the list, or are you not that interested in backwards compatibility? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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