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Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Possibly Delayed By One Month

There are a ton of great games coming in next year for gamers of every platform. One of the more intriguing AAA’s set to release early next year is Remedy’s Quantum Break, a Microsoft-published Xbox One exclusive. The game is a third-person shooter and features Shawn Ashmore as the protagonist.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the wait for Quantum Break has been extended, albeit only by a short amount. Amazon UK has recently updated its product listing page for the game to reflect a new release date of May 4th – a month later than the original April 5th release date which is still present on the North American store. We promptly got in touch with Amazon UK and received the following reply:

“The release date is decided by our manufacturer and the date will be displayed on our website according to the information provided by the manufacturer.”

However, we’re not going to take that as the final word, so we’ve sent an email to Remedy and Microsoft. For now, this one’s a rumour, but it’s looking more than likely to be accurate. When we get more info, we’ll keep you updated.

[Update: Panic over – Remedy has since confirmed that Quantum Break is not delayed and is still set to release on April 5th. Phew.]

A month delay, eek. Better than six months, though. Still excited for Quantum Break? 

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