Xbox One is Getting a Price-Drop in Japan, Western Discount Coming Soon?

Usually anything relating to the Japanese market isn’t really of that much relevance to our readers, but every now and again some news comes through that actually might be of interest.

Today, Microsoft has announced during a press conference in Tokyo that the Xbox One will be getting a price-drop in Japan by slashing 5000 Yen from the retail price. However, it’s not a permanent price-drop. The discount will be applied from October 1st all the way until December 31st.

There’s hope, then, that Microsoft may introduce a similar price-cut in North America, the UK and Europe, but nothing has been officially announced. Phil Spencer did actually hint a few days ago that if Sony was to announce a price-drop in western territories, Microsoft had a plan in place. With it looking almost certain that Sony will give take a box cutter to the RRP in the west, it’s more than likely we’ll also see a response from Microsoft.

It’s all business at the end of the day, and for analysts it’s an interesting feud to watch, but for us regular consumers it’s all about saving some cash.

Would you be tempted to upgrade from your last-gen to an Xbox One if the price was right? Might you even jump the PS4 ship and board the Xbox frigate? Let us know down below.

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