xScreen Announces Portable Xbox Series S Screen Attachment Kickstarter

Today we look at an awesome Xbox Series S Kickstarter campaign by a company called UPspec Gaming. They are creating an add-on accessory to the Xbox Series X called xScreen. This will allow an owner for an Xbox Series S to have a detachable screen allowing you to play your Xbox Series S console on the go. Watch the YouTube video at the end of this article to see a quick demo of how it works and I am sure you will be amazing.

The Series S is already the most travel friendly version of the next-gen Xbox console and this attachment would take the portability to a whole new level. Combine this with Xbox Game Pass and you can play as many games as you want on the go.

You can easily sign up for the Kickstarter on the UPspec Gaming official website. The Kickstarter campaign is launching this summer but we don’t have a clear data yet. The team at UPSec are long time passionate gamers who want to help fans create a balance between family, work and gaming.

When will the Kickstarter begin?

A Twitter user called Xbox_Serious_X|S released an email from xScreen:

“Thanks for your interest in xScreen. The Kickstarter site is in draft at this stage and we will be releasing the landing page on Kickstarter early next week. Kickstarter needs to do a manual review first.

We are yet to lock down the specific date we will let the kickstarter go live, as we are still working on building up the pre-launch awareness so that the kickstarter will be successful.

Kickstarter always launch better on a Tuesday, as strange as that sounds.. So we will follow this path.

Have a great day.”

What is really cool about this add-on is that the detachable screen has a 60hz refresh rate, integrated power, a built-in speaker system and pass-through power cable. Pack your bags, because If this comes to fruition it will be one of the best traveling accessories for your Xbox Series S.

Key Features include:

  • A unique patent pending attachment system with integrated power and HDMI connections. No additional cables are requires
  • Access to pass-through power and a storage expansion slot for the Xbox Series S
  • The 11.6” 1080p 60hz IPS Screen is sized to fit the Xbox Series S when closed.
  • Fully integrated stereo speakers and controls for clear volume, brightness and screen settings
  • Laptop form factor when closed for protection and easy transport
  • Stand-out from the crowd with a personal touch and carious color attachment latches available
  • Extremely lightweight and travel friendly. It weighs only 24.5 ounces (695 grams)

Kickstarter Announcement Video

We are excited to see how this plays out and will be monitoring the kickstarted page very closely. Stay tuned for more details here on The Games Cabin!

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