Yakuza 5: Watch 90 Minutes of SEGA Playing the Game in English on PS3

Yakuza fans have been begging for as long as we can remember for SEGA to release Yakuza 5 in the west. In fact, this author probably sent a few tweets to SEGA in a drunken rage after finishing Yakuza 4 a few months ago.

It’s all good now, though, as SEGA has already announced that the game will be releasing on PS3 in the west. The only problem is that we’re not entirely sure when it’ll release. A blog post by SEGA a few days ago indicated that it would be releasing “mid-November” but that post was edited quite hastily to remove any dates.

No biggie – it’ll get it here when it gets here. In the mean time we’ve got a whole 90 minutes of Yakuza 5 gameplay to pour over. Better yet, it’s not in Japanese but is instead in its English form. No need to sit with your Japanese – English dictionary open for this one, then.

Yakuza 5 will only be releasing on PS3, though we wouldn’t rule out yet another remaster…