Yes, The Incredibles 2 is Finally Happening; “Coming Soon”

Hold on to your capes ladies and gents: big news is about to hit you square in the eyeballs. Remember the charmingly fun super-hero movie from years ago that Disney put out? That incredibly brilliant movie? Of course you do, because ever since the credits rolled on The Incredibles we’ve all been sat around, ears cocked, waiting for a whisper of news about a follow up.

Well, now you can relax your ears a little as The Incredibles 2 has been confirmed to be in production at Disney Pixar studios. The reveal comes from this year’s annual Disney Expo, D23, where posters for the movie were spotted alongside promo materials for a very unexpected Toy Story 4.

There’s no word on story details just yet – though we don’t want to hear a peep until we actually park our behinds on cinema seats – but the good news is that the long-awaited sequel is “coming soon.”

Isn’t this just incredibly good news?


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    1. actually he said I think he’d be working on ideas for it really to see what he can do, this announcement just confirms it’s going into full scale production, so technically you’re both right and wrong. I’m just glad it finally got announced.

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