Yesterday’s Wordle Answer: Monday 20 March 2023

Yesterday's Wordle Image, text on an image of a game of Wordle

The Wordle answer yesterday is a good idea to look into before tackling today’s Wordle. You can strike it out for today and future possible answers, while also getting some inspiration for today’s Wordle. Below is yesterday’s answer, along with its definition.

That said, if you would like to check out even more previous Wordle answers from before Monday 20 March 2023, then check out our Wordle answer archive for older solutions.

Yesterday’s Wordle Answer – Monday 20 March 2023

If you want to be successful at Wordle, you need to develop a broad vocabulary. Wordle likes to pull in words from all over the English language, so long as they have five letters they’re right for the game.

Now, it is hardly worth mentioning that the list of five-letter words that exist in the English language is very long. No one is going to know them all, but it is always worth your time to learn some new words, both to get better at Wordle and just to improve your grammar.

You’ve made it past all the warnings, you still want yesterday’s Wordle answer for Monday 20 March 2023, so here it is for you to enjoy – GLOVE

Yesterday’s Wordle Answer – Definition

A word is only as useful as what it means, so we have gone to to grab the definition of yesterday’s Wordle solution. Don’t say we never teach you anything!

GLOVE – a covering for the hand worn for protection against cold or dirt and typically having separate parts for each finger and the thumb.