You Can Buy a Fridge Full of Jurassic Park Games, Fridge Not Included, Obviously…

We’ve seen some gamers and their desperate attempts at making a quick pocket full of cash (PS4’s preloaded with P.T being a prime example,) but this one really takes the biscuit.

For the sum of $1,500 you can be the (proud?) owner of around 300 copies of Jurassic Park for the SNES.

K3vbot of online auction site eBay is selling his handsome collection of SNES classics, though he’s not entirely sure as to how many copies he has, he’s given us a different unit of measurement: a fridge full of the buggers.

jurassic park snes

It should be noted that the fridge and the Baccardi aren’t included in the final price. Gutted…

While this is certainly an odd one, it does beg the question: how on Earth did this guy manage to come by 300 (or round abouts) copies of Jurassic Park?

[Update] It actually sold. What’s the world coming to…

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