You Can Still Sign Up for Drawn to Death’s Private Access Right Now

Drawn to Death is going through a phase of testing where players are being invited to duke it out in some good ol’ fashioned player vs player online multiplayer.

The bad news is that not everyone managed to sign up for the private access test in time, but there’s some good news, too. If you’re interested in the crude shooter and want to give it a go before its full release, direct yourself to the game’s official website where you can sign up for the testing.

Now, it’s not that simple. For some people it is simply a case of entering and receiving a code, for others (us included) you may get put on a waiting list of sorts. If you’ve found yourself on the waiting list for access to the beta then you’re just going to have to wait it out.

Drawn to Death is a free-to-play shooter that is being headed by David Jaffe, the same dude who helped bring the God of War franchise to the PlayStation 2 as well as Twisted Metal to PlayStation 3.

Have you managed to get in to the beta, or have you found yourself at the back of a very long queue? Get in line and make small talk down in the comments section below.