You Won’t Be Too Jealous of These Halo 5 Custom Weapons Skins for 343 Staff

Halo fans around the world are currently sat in their living rooms, knees tucked up under their chins, rocking slowly back and forth to the sound of the iconic Halo music haunting the house. Aw awwwwwww aw awwwwww awww aw awwwwwww. That was awful – the music can be heard here.

Halo 5: Guardians hits Xbox One on October 27th, and while many will be jumping headfirst into the game’s campaign mode, other will go straight in for the kill with multiplayer.

We’ve previously reported that special REQ packs were being given out as a freebie for watching a few videos, and in the past 343 has said that everything will be unlockable in-game. However, we’re going to assume that the custom 343 Industries weapon skins aren’t unlockable. Or maybe they are, but it seems like an insider kind of deal.

343 Industry staff members get to decorate their assault rifles with a custom 343 logo. It’s not a big deal though, and we’re pretty sure nobody’s going to be crying out for everyone to have access to it.

Images are down below for the curious – just mind the semi-naked dude in the last one…

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