Zombi is Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One, Cheaper on Xbox One (by £1)

Zombi has finally released on the PS4 and Xbox One after months of rumours and speculation. Ubisoft officially acknowledged the formed WiiU exclusive would be heading to the next-gen machines not too long ago.

If you shuffle on over to the PSN and Xbox One games store you’ll find the survival horror fame waiting to be bought. However, PS4 users may be a little disgruntled that they’ll have to pay more than their Xbox One brethren. Zombi is priced at £14.99 on Xbox One while PS4 players will have to stump up an extra quid to play through the London-based horror game. Why? Haven’t the foggiest.

The good news for all parties is that it’s not too heavy on the hard disk. The Xbox One version clocks in at 21.35GB while the PS4 edition is just shy of 21GB, weighing in at 20.7GB.

We’ll be posting our review of the game in the next day or two, so check back in to see what we make of Zombi.

[Update] Zombi has also gone live for North American Xbox One owners with the game priced at $19.99. The PS4 version isn’t available just yet, but it will be interesting to see if the prices are different outside the UK, too.

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