10 Ways to Increase Power Score in Mir4

10 Ways to Increase Power Score in Mir4

How to increase your Power Score in Mir4? Here’s your guide on increasing your character’s PS in play-to-earn MMORPG.

Mir4 is a popular MMORPG that offers a chance to earn crypto while playing. With its ever-growing player base, the game offers an epic journey in the land of Mir and implements the concept of coin-mining into its structure. Thanks to this unique combination, it now has more than 450,000 players on a monthly basis.

Even though it comes with a chance of monetary gain, Mir4 is still an MMORPG in its essence. So you will have to create a character and improve its skills by “grinding” or completing quests. And your character’s overall performance is decided by its Power Score.

In order to mine Darksteel and turn it into a crypto coin, your character needs to have a high PS. Otherwise, the amount of Darksteel you could mine will not be much. Because the places with Darksteel nodes are filled with clans of powerful players and overpowered mobs. And it is nearly impossible to mine Darksteel without getting bombarded by beasts and enemy players. Do not worry though, as there are various ways of increasing your Power Score.

How to increase your Power Score in Mir4?

The Power Score is similar to World of Warcraft’s item level, shortly known as iLvL. Enhancing character accessories, improving gear levels or getting new ones will increase your PS. This will allow you to enter the difficult areas where you can find ever better equipment. Having a high PS will allow you to mine Darksteel without getting disturbed by mobs as well. A hero with a great PS will easily defend itself against hostile NPCs.

1. Complete main quests.

Completing the main quests is the first thing you should do in Mir4. They do not only grant great rewards but also help you level up faster. As you progress through the main story, you will get better equipment that will increase your Power Score. Of course, you will also level up faster thanks to the experience points you receive from completing missions.

2. Enhance gear.

Enhancement is how you update your weapons and armor in Mir4. Enhancing a weapon updates the stats of your gear, resulting in a better performance in combat. Naturally, it increases your Power Score as well. Though the process costs 1,000 Darksteel and also has the risk of destroying the equipment. You can safely enhance a weapon or a piece of armor up to level 5. But after that, your level of success will be 30%.

3. Upgrade skills.

Having powerful skills will help you beat even the most difficult bosses of Mir4. Upgrading them will require [UC] Skill Tome and a certain amount of Energy. There are various ways of obtaining the tomes. Clicking on them will show you how you can find one.

4. Train Inner Force.

Your character’s Inner Force offers another way of increasing your Power Score. It consists of four different Inner Force Veins that can be upgraded separately. Players can train their Inner Force Veins with the items found in the open world. 

5. Train Constitution.

Constitution menu allows you to increase your health, accuracy and overall stats. Do check this tab often to see whether you are ready to upgrade. You will see the effects of upgrading your Constitution during combat, for sure.

6. Use Spirits.

Spirits are another way to boost your Power Score. The spirits do not only offer various buffs to your character’s stats, but they also help you when you fight against mobs. Moreover, they add a ton of points to your PS as well. You can equip more than one Spirit as you level up. Don’t forget to check the Spirits menu as many times as possible.

7. Focus on Conquest.

Conquest is another feature in Mir4 that consists of various buildings. Upgrading them offers achievement effects and various rewards. They can also increase your stats and PS at every new level. The maximum level of the buildings is 15.

8. Craft Magic Stones.

increase power score in mir4

Equipping Magic Stones is another great way of increasing your character’s stats. They directly affect your HP, and MP alongside many other bonuses to your critical damage. It is possible to combine them to create unique ones with better bonuses. In any case, using them is essential when it comes to increasing your Power Score in Mir4. 

9. Use Codex.

Codex is like a diary of your items and equipment. By registering them to the Codex, you can get great stat increases that will also boost your PS. Though registering an item means that it will be lost to you. Before spending them for Codex, make sure that you have other required items as well. So that you can get the effect as soon as you collect all of them.

10. Use Enchantment.

increase power score in mir4

Enchantment changes the current stat bonuses of a certain weapon or a piece of armor. Instead of directly upgrading its base stats, Enchantment adds extra layers of bonuses to your gear. With an Identification Scroll and 1,000 Darksteel, your weapon can buff your damage, defense and many other traits. 

Here’s how you can increase Power Score in Mir4. We hope you have a great time in the popular MMORPG.


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