The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mir4 – Earn Crypto

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Mir4 - Earn Crypto

Here’s your ultimate beginner’s guide to Mir4, the play-to-earn MMORPG. From leveling process to crypto earning we listed everything you should know.

Mir4 is one of the most popular crypto games out there. The MMORPG offers its players a chance to engage in an epic story and earn crypto in the process. It also comes with unique elements that allow players to take part in a unique economy system.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mir4

The free-to-play MMORPG incorporates the concept of coin-mining into its structure. After improving their character and unlocking most features, players become able to mine a virtual metal called the Darksteel. It is possible to mine Darksteel in the game and turn it into Draco, a crypto coin like many others.

We listed everything you should know about the coins, items and the leveling up process.

What is Draco?

Draco is the very element that separates Mir4 from other games of the genre. As a tradeable blockchain-based coin, it removes the boundaries between the MMORPG and real life.

beginner's guide to mir4

The world that Mir4 depicts is home to the valuable metal of Darksteel. Players advance their characters and start searching for Darksteel nodes. It is possible to use the metal to upgrade the character’s equipment as well. Players can also earn Darksteel by completing daily missions. Keep reading our beginner’s guide to Mir4 to learn about the metal.

What’s important about the metal is that it gives the player a chance to trade it for a crypto coin. That’s where you need to connect your account to a crypto wallet, though. After completing this, you will be able to get 1 Draco in exchange for 100,000 Darksteel that you have collected in-game. As of May 2nd, 2022, the value of a Draco is $0,50. Though this crypto coin is not the only way that will fill your wallet. We should also note that it is not possible to complete the exchange on the Steam version of Mir4. 

Smelting your Draco coin for Darksteel is also among your options. If you are not looking for monetary gain and wish to improve your character in Mir4, smelting Draco will grant you thousands of Darksteel. You can then use this resource to buy better armor and weapons. Enhancing your champion’s accessories, armaments, and other items is possible as well.

What is Hydra?

Hydra is the new step in the economy of MIR4. As one of the first and most successful play-to-earn games out there, Mir4 has encountered many hardships and challenges like bots and interferences from third-party software. With the implementation of HYDRA, the developers of the game aimed to preserve the economic integrity of the game.

How to connect your Mir4 account to the Wemix wallet?

mir4 darksteel to draco

Players must have their WEMIX wallet connected to their Mir4 account. In order to complete transactions and exchange Darksteel for Draco, register to WEMIX website and create a wallet.

  • Open your App Store and find the Wemix Wallet application.
  • Download the app and open it to complete the registration process.
  • Open Mir4 and head to the Market section from the menu.
  • Select Draco and click on “Tap the Refresh button to check Wemix Wallet”
  • Click on the Link button to sign in to your Wemix Wallet.

Here’s how to connect your Wemix Wallet to your Mir4 account. Though there are some other things you need to note.

  • Note that your character needs to be at least 40 level. And you should also have a great amount of Darksteel in your inventory.
  • After making sure that you have what it takes to complete the exchange, open the in-game menu and access Draco Smeltery.
  • The smeltery tab is located in the Draco menu.
  • The first time smelting metal for Draco can require a substantial amount of Darksteel. 

How to level up fast in Mir4?

If you want to play Mir4 to earn money, you need to level up your character. You will be able to unlock the play-to-earn benefits of the game once you hit level 40. So do not expect to earn money the moment you start playing.

beginner's guide to mir4

Unlike other NFT or crypto-supported games, Mir4 does not require you to pay money upfront. But you will have to invest your time into it until your character reaches level 40.

Fortunately, almost everything in Mir4 can be done automatically. So you don’t have to focus on the game at all times. From completing quests to mining Darksteel, Mir4 does it all for you after you give a certain command.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s dive in and find out the best and fastest way to reach level 40.

Progress in the main story.

The main story of the game will grant you a great amount of XP. Completing these missions means better equipment as well. With advanced weapons and armor, you will be able to grind much faster and leveling gets easier.

Upgrade your skills to complete the quests faster.

It is essential to upgrade your skills and enhance your items. At first, you might have to sacrifice some Darksteel to improve your character’s gear and Power Score. Don’t worry though, spending some Darksteel will give you the chance to earn much more in the future. Keep upgrading your skills and make sure that your gear is on par with your level.

Complete daily and weekly missions.

The land of MIR is full of quests and epic journeys. Like in many other MMORPGs, the fastest way to level 40 is by completing daily and weekly quests. Not only do they give you a ton of XP, but they also yield important in-game items like weapons and armor. Most daily missions offer Darksteel as well.

Best Ways to Get Darksteel in Mir4

Now that your character is on level 40, it can evolve into a money-printing machine by constantly mining Darksteel. With a decent amount of Power Score, you are ready to enter the most important areas that are filled with this metal. Though mining in Mir4 requires your constant attention as other players or powerful mobs can attack your character. 

beginner's guide to mir4

Fortunately, mining is not the only way to gain this valuable item. Here are the best ways to earn Darksteel in MIR4.

Teleport to Magic Square.

After you unlock the Portal, you will be able to teleport to Magic Square areas with certain tickets. Magic Square consists of various chambers that yield XP, items and Darksteel. Though they can be tricky and you only have a limited time to make the best of it. 

Go to the Secret Peak.

Secret Peak is one of the best areas to collect Darksteel. It is also filled with powerful mobs that can kill your character very fast. Make sure your Power Score and gear levels are strong enough to confront these mobs. Then you need to find some Darksteel nodes to start mining. 

Complete daily missions.

Completing daily missions is one of the best ways to get that Darksteel flow running. There are new quests every day that yield thousands of this metal. Simply accept the mission and click on the auto-complete button. Your character will move to the quest area and start grinding. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this play-to-earn MMORPG. From Darksteel earning to leveling up, this is your ultimate beginner’s guide to Mir4. 


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