5 Things You Are Doing Wrong in New World

Not Using the Faction Quests and Town Project Board

By far, the fastest way to both level up AND make gold, is to accept and complete your faction quests and your Town Projects.

Many players continue on with any quests they find, they level their professions, and move along in the game at a snail’s pace. Be sure you are actively seeking out and completing town project board quests for the east territory standing and gold rewards.

To pair well with our first point on this list, obtaining gear from your faction is paramount in gearing up in the early game in New World. Be sure you are visiting your faction representative in each settlement to pick up quests.

BONUS POINT – You can actually pick up these quests in all of the territories on the map. This means you can max out your quests by picking them up from several territories. This can be a helpful method if you plan on traversing across several zones.

Trying to buy new gear on the trading post / rerolling crafted gear to get the right stats

While crafting is very beneficial for a multitude of reasons, the crafted gear is far inferior compared to the faction gear. Faction gear is the best way to get better gear in New World quickly.

When crafting armor and weapons, you must take the time to go out and gather iron, wood, and other materials. This can take quite a bit of time. Don’t get me wrong, this can be a fun and relaxing task.

If you are looking to get the most out of your time related to gear upgrades, head to your faction leader in the nearest settlement. Work on faction quests as soon as you can to earn reputation and faction tokens.

Crafted gear generally has a gear score of around 205 to start with for the iron plate set for example. This requires:

4 Iron Ingots

4 Coarse Leather

1 Linen cloth

Purchasing gear off the trading post will get costly. It also still isn’t the best way to get gear.

Faction rewards, on the other hand are available pretty much as soon as you join the faction. All you need to do is head out on a few quests, and you will already have enough tokens to purchased significant upgrades.

The faction gear starts out at 280 gear score and comes equipped with stat increases and even gems/wards.

Not upgrading your camp

Many players miss that there is a side quest rated for level 17 called “Friends in Fashion”.

If you complete this quest, you will unlock tier 2 camping in New World. Tier 2 camping is needed to be able to unlock more uses for your camp site. You will be able to craft more goods at your camp, which will greatly increase its value to you.

Here is the exact location you can pick up the quest to begin with:

Saving all of your Azoth

Many players save their Azoth and decide to not fast travel, because they feel it is expensive. But what else in New World do you use Azoth for?

You can only hold up to 1,000 Azoth at any given time. If you aren’t spending it on fast travelling, it is just going to sit there and get capped out.

You should always feel free to utilize the fast travel system if you need to run a far distance quickly.

Only doing combat quests and the story line

While focusing on combat and killing with your weapons will increase your combat mastery skills, there is so much more to the game. This will help you in PvP as your combat skill points will likely be much higher than someone to may be the same level as you.

If you do not mix in a significant amount of gathering and crafting professions in your normal gameplay, you will miss out on a lot of features of the game.

Firstly, most town project board quests need you to craft, gather, or skin animals out in the wild. You will want to have profession skills that allow you to fulfill these quests so that you can benefit from the great gold and reputation rewards they give.

Don’t forget, there are also dungeons in the game that you can pair up with others to conquer as well!

Here is a breakdown of the first dungeon, by Force Gaming on Youtube: