7 Most Asked Questions Answered – Amazon’s New World

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I’ve now played Amazon Games’ New World Beta since it launched, and wow, what a ride it has been so far! I have so say, I am absolutely in love with this game. I’ll write a full review of the beta later this month.

In this article we will go through the questions we have seen by far the most in chat while adventuring through the game. Some of these answers are hard to figure out on your own without asking other players.

For example, splitting an inventory stack took more time than I care to admit. I actually had to end up asking a friend who was also playing, and he was able to give me the answer (discussed later this article).

How Do I Autorun in New World?

To autorun, the default key is the equal sign, “=”. I found it helpful to remap this to an accessable mouse key so you dont have to move your entire hand up to the equal key every time.

Reassigning the key makes it much easier to get to, and you will find yourself using it much more often. You can go into the options menu to rebind the key.

How Do I Sell My Stuff?

If you are looking to figure out how to sell your stuff in New World, unfortunately you cannot actually sell any inventory to NPCs. This makes gold in New World a much more scarce resource compared to most other MMORPGs.

Instead, you will want to salvage your inventory items to get a very small amount of gold as well as some repair credits for future repairs.

You can sell your inventory to other players by utilizing New World’s Trading Posts. These are essentially the auction house of the game. You can post either buy or sell orders to trade what you want in return for gold. If someone already has a buy order out for what you want to sell, you can sell it immediately and fulfill their order.

Trading posts can be found in all major settlements within the game. These are indicated on the map with the follow icon (right side of the screenshot below):

How Can I Make Gold in New World?

Currently, the best way to make gold is completing quests. These can be the main storyline quests, but to get the best bang for your buck, fulfill the town board quests.

Town board quests can be found, you guessed it, on the town board in any city / settlement. These quests refresh every 30 minutes, and you can take up to TWELVE (12) at once.

The town board quests range from killing monsters, to crafting items such as potions or meals, to hunting wildlife and skinning them. Many of these are incredibly easy and quick to complete, and offer both gold and territory standing as a reward.

While gathering and looting, make sure to store away in your vault any ingredients you come across. These can be key in being able to complete town board quests very quickly.

For example, you may decide to go out on a tree chopping spree and collect hundreds of wood. If you store this in your vault for later, you may come across a quest to deliver 30 timber to the town board. You can immediately turn this in if you already have the timber in your vault. You do not have to go out and find more if you already have the items!

Here are some examples of what can be posted on the town board:

Amazon’s New World – Town Project Board

How Can I Split Stacks of an Item?

To split items, it originally looks very easy to figure out… until you actually try it.

First, hover your cursor over the item you want to split. You will see the actions list pop up and it shows “Split: CTRL+(left click)”. Easy enough, hold control and click your mouse button.

Next, a new window will pop up asking you to determine how many items you want to split. This is where a lot of people get stuck. You type in the amount, or use the slider to choose, but then you press enter or something else, but nothing happens.

The trick is to actual click on the highlighted picture of the item and drag it off of the inventory area of the screen. You need to actually “throw it away”.

When you split a stack, it is to throw out part of your inventory. You cannot just split the stack and keep it in your inventory, you must discard the split amount.

Amazon’s New World – How to Split Materials

What is the Best Weapon in New World?

So many new players ask this question. Wondering what is the “meta” and what is currently overpowered. The truth is, the game is still very new and everyone is working out what they like. Another question people ask is what weapon should they use?

Most of the weapons are actually very balanced in New World, its one of the amazing improvements Amazon has made in the Beta compared to previous testing phases.

Arguably, the musket is very, very, good in PvP. Currently, the musket uses a hitscan type firing. This means that as long as your crosshairs are pointing on an enemy that is moving, when you fire, you will hit them.

This is different compared to a bow for example, where your have drop-off of the arrow over a distance, and time to travel to hit the enemy. For these reasons, the musket is currently seen as very powerful in PvP since it is much easier than any other ranged weapons to actually land a hit, at least currently.

When an MMORPG like New World is in its infancy, I would always stress to play what you enjoy. The game will go through stages and updates where different weapons become more powerful during different times. You will likely not want to completely train up all of your masteries every time there is a new flavor of the week.

If you know your normal preferred playstyle, use that type of weapon! Worry less about what is overpowered. None of the weapons in the game are currently lacking to a point where it would be bad to use them.

Amazon’s New World – Weapons in Beta

Where Can I Find Hemp? (Or any other gathering resource)

If you are looking to find out where to find a certain resource, there is a helpful in game section that tells you areas you can find them. If you press “M” to bring up the map, you will see the resource locations tab on the left side. Here is a short video we recorded on the feature:

Amazon’s New World: Finding Resources

The above video shows you that you can find out the types of terrain you can find resources in. While this is somewhat helpful, there is a much better resource online that includes the full New World map and is interactive to turn on and off any types of information you are looking for.

How Do I Get Better Gear in New World?

The easiest way to get new armor or weapons in New World is to craft them, but it’s not the best way.

You can work on your crafting skills like Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing while in a settlement. These are incredibly helpful to get you well rounded in the early game and increase your defenses. You can even add gems and other items to increase the chances that your crafted gear will have special attributes.

The best thing to do, after you have already joined a faction, is to work on your faction rep so you can buy faction gear. If you talk to your faction rep, they will have a table of quests for you to accept. Do as many of these as you can, as often as you can.

These missions are very similar to the Town Project Board quests, where they will as you to compelte a simple quest.

There are usually 6 quests available. 3 quests are PvE focused, and 3 are PvP focused and you will need to enable PvP to complete those ones.

These missions reward both faction reputation as well as faction tokens. Earning reputation will allow you access to higher ranks in your faction, unlocking better gear to buy. You can click “Buy Rewards” to see what is available to you. These items are generally quite powerful compared to other options you may have.

And that’s it! We will add more sections to this guide as new questions arise. We will also cover other topics if requested!