7 Dos and Dont’s of PC Gaming You Need to Know

Dos and dontof PC Gaming

Did you read the gaming rules before entering into the world of professional gamers? Well, if you didn’t, it’s a big mistake on your part. Knowing a few primary rules can save you from lots of potential trouble later down the road. 

There are several unsafe zones when it comes to the gaming world. Therefore, I always recommend knowing the dos and don’ts before starting the activity or adopting it as a hobby.  For further convenience, here I’m going to list down a few things that you can or cannot do after indulging in web gaming. It will help you stay cautious, which is mandatory. So read and observe: 

Dos of PC Gaming 

Do Purchase High-Quality Gaming Essentials 

Do you have all the gaming essentials? If not, how do you even manage to play games on your PC? Or do you play one on your laptop or smartphone? Well, there are a few things that a gamer must invest into as your smartphone is not going to cut it if you wish to play high-quality, professional web games. 

The list of gaming essentials includes a gaming monitor, gaming mouse and keypad, wrist support, a sound system or a pair of high-quality headphones, and the best thermal compound for the CPU. All these things may sound a little too much, but trust me; they’re necessary for a smooth gaming experience.

Do Play with a Stable Internet Connection 

Imagine being right in front of the ball where you know that you’re going to score a goal with a single kick and boom… the internet connection drops! Well, it has happened to me numerous times while playing FIFA online and I must say it’s extremely annoying. 

It does not just ruin the game but your mood as well. In fact, it breaks your momentum to play further. Sadly, such issues are common with wireless internet connections. Henceforth, I prefer using a wired internet connection instead of WiFi when playing web games. The wired internet connection is comparatively stable, so it works well for me. 

Do Manage the Gaming Time 

Here’s one of the most important things that you need to do correctly, time management. Yes, that’s right, guys. Time management is the key. Gaming is as addictive as gambling, so you must learn the art of correct time management. 

In simple words, you shouldn’t allow gaming to disturb other aspects of your life. Whether it’s a job, schoolwork, or a house chore, be mindful when dividing the time. For this, you can create a personalized timetable and divide your time into different parts, including gaming. There’s no harm in gaming, but remember that excess of everything is bad. 

Do Play with Your Friends 

You must only play with your friends or people you know, especially in the beginning. The gaming world is quite vast. It’s like a deep, dark hole where you can fall if you are not cautious enough. Not to forget, cyber crimes are quite common these days. 

It’s practically impossible to know who’s who behind the computer screen. Thus, for the sake of your own safety, you should play with only the known and avoid any unknown character that approaches you in the game. Although it’s not something to be scared of, I just feel like Prevention is better than cure.

Don’ts of PC Gaming 

Don’t Rush Things 

Most people start getting frustrated in the beginning. The reason being, they start playing at professional levels. They say you must learn to walk before you take a run and the same goes for you when playing a web game. If you’re new to it, you must start with the beginner’s level. 

Beginner-level games are relatively easy, so you won’t lose the match over and over again and your self-confidence will remain intact. Isn’t it how it should be? Don’t you want to stay confident when playing around? If yes, then you must start practicing with beginner levels and gradually move towards medium and expert levels as you gain more knowledge and command over it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Other Web Gamers 

Many online games these days provide you with a platform to speak to people you’re playing with. Although it’s fun to speak to your partner in the middle of the game and it helps cover many obstacles, it has a downside as well. It is a feature that ignites cyberbullying, which is already pretty common these days. 

When playing online, you must come to terms with the fact that there are different types of personalities in the world. Not everyone is going to be kind to you. Thereby, if you ever come across any bully on the web, you should know how to ignore them and when to block them. It’s as simple as that. 

Don’t Share Your Personal Information Online 

I’m sure by now you know that most PC games require an internet connection to be played. And as I mentioned earlier, there are people from different backgrounds playing the same web game as you, so chances are you may come across a bully or a scumbag. 

In case you do, you must remember not to share your personal information with anyone. It’s the world of technology where hybrid wars have emerged as the most destructive kind of war, so you must avoid all such inappropriate interactions to steer clear from potential trouble. Again, it isn’t anything to be afraid of, it’s just a caution for you.

The Takeaway 

Super, eh? If you’re done reading the points mentioned above, you’re good to start web gaming. Just make sure to remember all the tips I’ve shared with you when playing games online and you’ll see how they will put a hedge of protection around you. I wish you good luck, my pals!

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