5 Ways to Make Gold At New World Launch

make gold new world

Introduction – How To Make Gold in New World

Here we cover some suggestions for ways to make gold during the launch of New World and the coming weeks afterwards. We will continue this series on how to make gold in New World as the game progresses.

1. Crafting Bags As Soon As Possible

If you are looking at how to make gold in New World, bags are a good starting spot. Everyone is going to want to craft or buy bags early on in the game. Inventory space is a real issue in New World and if you really want to make a lot of gold at launch, you will want to be selling bags. We have a great post about all the bags you can currently get in New World here.

You will be able to craft Tier 2, 3, 4, and 5 bags. Anywhere from a base increased weight limit of 120 all the way to 360. These bags significantly help in everyone’s travels, and all players will be sure to want good bags. If you add special ingredients, you can increase the gear score roll when crafting, which will make your bags even more desirable on the trading post and fetch you a lot more gold. You can see the recipes and related items in the link as well.

In the next section we talk about crafting tier 3 items before anyone else. Utilize the next section to get tier 3 bags as soon as possible and rolling in the gold.

2. Craft Tier 3 Items Early

If you are looking to craft in New World, you can make gold easily at the beginning of the launch. There are outposts in both the Great Cleave and Shattered Mountain that by default have tier 3 crafting stations. These regions have 2 outposts in them, so you may find different tier 3 stations at each outpost.

If you find that you have the required materials to make a lot of tier 3 items, but no settlements have upgraded to a tier 3 crafting station yet, you can take advantage of this. The other advantage is that these outposts will not have anyone owning the region and therefore the taxes have not been hiked up.

These guides will help you on your gathering journey if you need any guidance on any of the gathering professions:

Getting to these regions may be challenging as if you are too low of level, you may get one-shot by enemies and have to respawn all the way back to where you last started. Be sure to carry camp materials so that you can drop camps every few minutes during your travel. This will ensure if you do get killed, you won’t have too far to travel back. You will also want to be as high of a level as you can during this hike so that you can minimize your chances of getting killed.

If you want to plan on this strategy, don’t wait too long to do it, otherwise settlements will upgrade to tier 3 stations and everyone else on your server will also have access to craft. This is a high risk, very high reward option if you do it early enough and are the only one on your server to have these tier 3 crafts for sale.

3. Hold Onto Higher Tier Materials

When crafting in New World, you will actually be able to use ingredients from higher tiers to craft lower level items. This is definitely not how to make a lot of gold in New World. Unless you are specifically trying to increase your gear score on something like the bags we mentioned in the first section, never use higher tier materials for a lower tier craft.

The tier 4 and 5 materials like Orichalcum for example, specifically are valuable and very useful when you get to the higher levels of crafting. If you use them up in lower level crafts that aren’t specifically helping the gear score and adding significant value to your sale, you are better off not using them until later.

orichalcum new world

The other benefit to hoarding the higher tier ingredients is that there is not much demand right at launch for these. Not many people are high level yet and therefore aren’t looking to buy these materials. Keep an eye on the trading post prices for these and look for the hyper growth of market value. If you wait until a month or so after launch, their prices and demand will be much better if you are looking to just sell the ingredients rather than craft.

4. Craft and Sell Potions & Food

As everyone levels through New World for the first few months, there will be immense demand on potions and food. A lot of players will craft their own, but many players also aren’t interested in crafting or won’t be bothered to gather the necessary materials to craft. PvP players especially will be chugging potions and food with a passion to stay alive and will undoubted need to buy more.

new world potions guide

If you want to get into cooking, we have a Complete New World Cooking Guide to show you how to get started and all the tips to make cooking more efficient and what kinds of special food you can make as well.

You can also take a look at all the potions available in New World. Not only will crafting potions with Arcana be helpful for yourself while leveling, you will be able to sell any extras on the trading post and make bank. Whether you focus on gathering yield potions, damage reduction, damage increase, or healing potions, you will be sure to find demand for all of them.

5. Choose Your Settlement for Trading Wisely

You may know this already but, each settlement in New World has its own Trading Post market. This means depending on which settlement you go to, the prices for the goods you are selling will differ. Use this to your advantage at any point in the game to ensure you are selling somewhere with good prices.

It’s important to understand the economics behind it. If there are low prices in a settlement, it probably means less demand and therefore less people buying from there. But this could also means that more players will flock to that settlement to buy at low prices. Generally, players will not be shopping around to find what they need, because traveling in New World can be cumbersome.

Our advise it to find a settlement that has high prices and hopefully a low trading tax to make the most of your sales. Higher prices likely mean higher demand and players will usually choose convenience over the best price so that they are not wasting precious Azoth travelling around just to find a better price.