All Fishing Bait in New World

fishing bait new world

Fishing bait in New World can be used to increase biting speed and catch rare fish. You can get bait from your enemies or gather it using the Harvesting skill. Or you can make it yourself using the Cooking skill. You can use the Bait Key to make bait anytime between castings. 

Using bait while fishing will make your fishing much more efficient. You will get bites much sooner than if you do not use bait. If you are looking to leveling fishing fast in New World, you want to make sure you always have bait.

There are two types of bait available: Fresh Water Bait or Salt Water Bait. There are many types of bait available for each category that can have special effects on fishing, including increasing the chance of catching rare species of fish.

We answer Where to get bait in New World for fishing below where we break out all types of bait and where they are found.

How To Get Bigger Fish in New World

The following list of fishing bait allow you to get bigger fish in New World while fishing. The size of the fish will determine how much you get out of it when it is salvaged, the bigger the better!

Fishing BaitImageWater TypeChance % Increase for Bigger FishFound In
Electric Eel BaitSalt500%Salvaged from Electric Eels
Snail Bait Salt 300%Salvaged from Snails
Fish BaitSalt150%Crafted with Cooking
Oyster BaitFresh500%Salvaged from Oysters
Clam Bait Fresh 300% Salvaged from Clams
Meat BaitFresh150%Crafted with Cooking

How to Get Better (More Rare) Fish in New World

The following list of fishing bait allow you to get better fish in New World while fishing. When it says “better” it really means increased chance at getting more rare fish that are likely more valuable.

Fishing BaitImageWater TypeChance % Increase for Rarer / Better Fish Found In
Firefly BaitFresh85%Briar Plants & Bulrush Plants
Woodlouse Bait Fresh 70%Bushes
Bread BaitFresh47%Cooking or Provisions
Glowworm BaitSalt85%Collecting Flint During the Night or Dawn
Nightcrawler BaitSalt70%Collecting Flint During the Day or Dusk
Cheese BaitSalt47%Cooking or Provisions