Complete New World Tracking & Skinning Guide

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Welcome to our New World Tracking & Skinning Guide with everything you need to know about the topic. We will go over any information that you may be looking for, or didn’t know existed that relates to skinning and tracking in New World. As we will be touching upon many topics, jump to the topic you are directly interested in, in the table of contents.

Disclaimer: This guide will look to keep all data up to date with any changes to the game build. Last Updated: 10/05/2021

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How To Start Skinning: New World Tracking & Skinning Guide

To start skinning in New World, you will need to make a skinning knife. You can craft a flint skinning knife right away at any campfire or in any settlement. If you are wondering how to craft a skinning knife, you require the same materials as your do for a flint sickle, used for harvesting:

  • 1 Flint
  • 1 Green Wood

As we mention in our Complete New World Harvesting guide, the same goes for here. You can find flint lying around pretty much anywhere. Just look where you are running and you will see what look like rocks, usually with a bit of brown/beige color to them. For green wood, you can simply gather any bushes you see around you. Alternatively, if you have already made a Logging Axe for Logging, then you can chop young trees to obtain the Green Wood.

The screenshot below shows a boulder beside several flint. If you see rocks like this laying around, be sure to pick up a few for your crafts. After you gather your flint and green wood, head over to a campfire or a settlement and craft a flint skinning knife.

boulder and flint new world

How To Make Skinning Faster

If you have already read our other gathering guides, this section will also be very familiar to you. If you have already read this section in our other guides, simply check out the materials list below, as all other steps and explanations are the same.

Territory Standing Reputation

The first option to make skinning faster, or to make any gathering skill faster, is to choose this option when you rank up in reputation for a region. When you gain Territory Standing in a region, you are allowed to choose 1 of 3 upgrades, which differ each time. Sometimes you will have the option to “Increase Gathering Speed by 3.0%” while in the region. If you chose this, you can begin to stack these to significantly increase your gathering speed while in that region.

Upgrade Your Gathering Tools

Using a flint skinning knife will only get you 100% harvesting speed. Sure, 100% sounds like a lot, but this speed is actually pretty slow. If you have some other gathering skills leveled already or some gold to spend at a trading post, you can craft an iron skinning knife pretty much right away as well. Crafting an iron skinning knife will increase your skinning speed to 125%-139% depending on the attributes you get.

For how to craft an iron skinning knife, head to a work bench inside a settlement and use your engineering skill to craft one. The ingredients you will need are:

  • 1 of Any type of leather
  • 2 of Any type of timber / refined wood
  • 7 Iron Ingots

Where To Get The Materials

You can obtain the leather from skinning animals with your flint skinning knife. You will kill and skin an animal, then take their hide to the tannery in town to turn it into leather. Alternatively, you can buy 1 leather from the Trading Post in town, they should be very cheap.

The same goes for 2 pieces of timber. You will need to take Green Wood into town and cut it into timber. Alternatively, go to the trading post and purchase 2 timber if you are looking for a quick turnaround and do not have the materials yet.

For iron ingots, you can find Iron Veins and use your mining skills to extract iron ore. Again, you will need a mining pick for this. You can go out and find these veins, mine the ore, then smelt them in town to create iron ingots. Of course, if they are affordable you may choose to buy them off the trading post if you do not already have these materials. Iron veins can be hard to come by unless you are specifically looking for them.

Once you have gathered the required materials, you can craft the iron skinning knife in New World and your skinning speed will be significantly faster! Scroll further down our New World Tracking & Skinning Guide to see where you can gather each type of material.

How To Obtain Each Tier of Upgraded Skinning Knife

The efficiency you gain when crafting your first iron skinning knife does not stop there. There are 5 tiers of mining pick axes that you can utilize and upgrade to. Each tier will increase your skinning speed, but higher tier picks are not fully required to skin higher level animals.

As your will be tracking and skinning very often, speed increases will be crucial for you to level skinning fast / quickly.

An important note to the base gathering speed listed below is that these are the base speeds. You can sometimes roll better speeds if you are lucky or use additional items/azoth which we will cover later in the New World Tracking and Skinning Guide.

TierSkinning Knife NameBase Gather SpeedCraft Requirements
1Flint Skinning Knife100%1x Flint
1x Green Wood
2Iron Skinning Knife 125%7x Iron Ingot
2x Timber
1x Coarse Leather
3Steel Skinning Knife 250%8x Steel Ingot
2x Timber
1x Coarse Leather
4Starmetal Skinning Knife 400%9x Starmetal Ingot
2x Timber
1x Coarse Leather
5Orichalcum Skinning Knife 625%10x Orichalcum Ingot
2x Timber
1x Coarse Leather

What Is Trackable at Each Skill Level of Skinning?

PreyTracked At Skinning Skill
Small Prey25
Medium Prey50
Large Prey75
Small Predator125
Large Predator175

How To Get Better Items and Rare Drops: New World Skinning and Tracking Guide

Food Buffs for Skinning in New World

Cooking food is one of the ways to improve your chances at rare items while skinning in New World. When you have added skinning luck, you have chances to obtain special items while skinning. The below table shows all food buffs that currently affect skinning luck. Be sure to level up your cooking skill early to make the most of your skinning runs!

To understand better how the “luck rating” system works with the overall chances, check out this post, it explains how the RNG works exceptionally well.

TierFood NameImageIncrease on Luck RatingDurationLevel Req.Ingredients Needed
1Roasted Carrots1,00020 Mins01x Carrot
1x Honey
1x Nutmeg
2Herb-Roasted Carrots1,40025 Mins51x Carrot
1x Water
1x Garlic
1x Peppercorn
3Carrot Soup1,70030 Mins201x Carrot
1x Water
1x Seasoning Blend
1x Cooking Oil
1x Paprika
4Vegetable Boil1,90035 Mins401x Carrot
1x Cabbage
1x Water
1x Nut
1x Cauliflower
1x Cooking Oil
5Savory Fish Cake2,00040 Mins601x Carrot
1x Fish Fillet
1x Seasoning Blend
1x Garlic
1x String Bean
1x Butter
1x Rosemary


When crafting a skinning knife, use a Skinners Charm to increase the chance of more rare drops or experience or yield from skinning. These charms are typically acquired from killing mobs or looting chests. The range shown below is dependent on Gear Score. Higher Gear Score will land higher percentages. There are currently three skinner’s charms in the game:

Using these charms when crafting will give you the Skinner’s Luck perk to your item. The Skinner’s Luck perk does not affect Equipment and Item drops, it only affects the drop rate of the Rare Resources associated with the resource being gathered. These rare resources will be discussed in the next section of the Complete New World Tracking and Skinning Guide.

You can get the Skinner’s Luck perk on your skinning knife, your amulet, and also your armor to stack these chances. You can also randomly gain this perk when crafting, if you are lucky!

What Trophies Can I Make to Increase Skinning Luck?

There are 3 trophies you can make to store in your house, if you own one yet. You can craft these using the Furnishing skill. These trophies significantly increase your skinning luck and therefore your chances at finding rare items while skinning. Here is a breakdown of all skinning trophies in New World.

TrophyImageSkinning Luck BonusIngredients
Minor Skinning Gathering Trophy50025x Lumber
20x Steel Ingot
1x Maple Stain
25x Air Mote
Basic Skinning Gathering Trophy1,00025x Wyrdwood Planks
20x Starmetal Ingot
1x Oak Stain
1x Notes on Aeternum Fauna
Major Skinning Gathering Trophy1,50025x Ironwood Planks
20x Orichalcum Ingot
1x Mahogany Stain
1x Tracker’s Seal

How To Hold More Weight In New World

In addition to food buffs, charms, and trophies that you can use while Skinning for extra luck, you may find yourself getting full bags and becoming encumbered. Being encumbered means you will walk instead of run, and you will not be able to recall to an inn or fast travel. This can be quite a set back when trying to make a big haul of skinning before you head back to town.

Luckily, there are currently 3 encumbrance potions you can chug to increase your encumbrance amount for a period of time. This may be just enough to farm more and recall with all your goodies. Unfortunately we do not have the data quite yet on exactly how much encumbrance limit is increased per potion, but will update this table when the data is available.

TierPotion NameImageEncumbrance Limit IncreaseDurationLevel Req.
3Strong Encumbrance Potion+50 Weight Limit120 Secs20
4Powerful Encumbrance Potion+75 Weight Limit150 Secs40
5Infused Encumbrance Potion+100 Weight Limit180 Secs60

How To Increase Yield to Get More Materials From Skinning

Add Perks to Raise Yield from Skinning

When you are crafting any of your skinning knives or other items, they all have chances to add a perk. A perk will give your item a special attribute that may increase different aspects of the item.

You can add either a special item to your craft, or you can also add Azoth when crafting to increase the chance of getting a perk. Some of these perks increase the amount of items, or the yield, you can get from skinning. To increase the yield and get more out of skinning, you will want the “Skinning Yield” Perk on your Skinning Knife in New World which makes it yield 10% more resources.

You can also add perks to armor and amulets, as discussed in a following section. Utilizing as many of these as you can in your gear set will maximize yield.

Consume Proficiency Potions to Raise Yield of all Gathering Skills Temporarily

Another way to raise yield temporarily while on a gathering is to craft and consume Proficiency Booster potions. Some people think since this is a potion it must be crafted using the Arcana skill, but it is actually crafted using the Engineering skill, using a Workshop.

Here are all the current proficiency potions available in New World:

TierPotion NameImageIncrease in YieldDurationLevel Req.Ingredients
2Weak Proficiency Booster5%10 Mins51x Water
1x Soul Mote
1x Air Mote
3Common Proficiency Booster7%15 Mins201x Water
1x Soul Wisp
1x Air Wisp
4Strong Proficiency Booster10%20 Mins401x Water
1x Soul Essence
1x Air Essence
5Powerful Proficiency Booster15%30 Mins601x Soul Quintessence
1x Air Quintessence

All Available Skinning Perks in New World

The following table is a list of all the currently available perks you can add to your skinning knife or other items when crafting. Keep this in mind if you are looking to increase your yield, make skinning faster, or have better chances at finding rare items while skinning.

As you will read in the description, each of these perks scales depending on the gear score it is applied to. The higher the gear score, the better your perk!

Skinning LuckSkinning KnifeWhile Skinning gain 2.0%-9.3% chance at finding rare items.
Skinning YieldSkinning KnifeSkinning yields 10.0%-19.0% more resources.
Tanner’s DisciplineSkinning KnifeGain 3.0%-9.4% more Skinning experience
Reinforced Skinning LuckArmorWhile Skinning gain 2.0%-5.0% chance at finding rare items.
Adored Skinning LuckAmuletWhile Skinning gain 5.0%-9.5% chance at finding rare items.

All Skinning Equipment Sets in New World

There are three tiers of sets of skinner’s equipment available in New World currently. Each of these sets of armor give different benefits to skinning depending on their tier and their gear score rolled. Here are the skinning sets in New World:

Tier 3 Skinner’s Equipment Set – At 400 Gear Score

Piece NameSlotImageTier 3 Stats (at 400 Gear Score)Skinning Buff
Skinner’s HatHead+15 Dexterity3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s ShirtChest+15 Dexterity3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s GlovesHands+15 Dexterity3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s PantsPants+15 Dexterity3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s ShoesFeet+15 Dexterity3.8% Increase to Chance of Rare Items

Tier 4 Skinner’s Equipment Set – At 500 Gear Score

Piece NameSlotImageTier 4 Stats (at 500 Gear Score)Skinning Buff
Skinner’s HatHead+20 Dexterity4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s ShirtChest+20 Dexterity4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s GlovesHands+20 Dexterity4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s PantsPants+20 Dexterity4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s ShoesFeet+20 Dexterity4.4% Increase to Chance of Rare Items

Tier 5 Skinner’s Equipment Set – At 600 Gear Score

Piece NameSlotImageTier 5 Stats (600 Gear Score)Skinning Buff
Skinner’s HatHead+25 Dexterity5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s ShirtChest+25 Dexterity5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s GlovesHands+25 Dexterity5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s PantsPants+25 Dexterity5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items
Skinner’s ShoesFeet+25 Dexterity5% Increase to Chance of Rare Items