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The following tables show all the mining veins in New World, how long they take to gather, and what their approximate respawn times are. We will keep this table updated from patch to patch in case there are any changes.

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Last Updated: 9/22/2021

All Mining Veins Respawn and Gather Times (Open World)

NameResource CategoryRequired Mining SkillGather Time (Seconds)Approx. Min. RespawnApprox. Min. Respawn
Crystal (Large)Crystal02428m40m
Crystal (Medium)Crystal01824m 30s35m
Crystal (Small)Crystal01221m30m
Iron Vein (Large)Iron03511m 54s17m
Iron Vein (Medium)Iron02510m 30s15m
Iron Vein (Small)Iron0158m 23s12m
Ore NuggetNugget00.510m 30s15m
Stone PileStone02028m40m
Boulder (Large)Stone0357m11m
Boulder (Medium)Stone0256m9m
Boulder (Small)Stone0155m8m
Boulder (Large)Stone & Flint02011m 54s17m
Boulder (Medium)Stone & Flint01410m 30s15m
Boulder (Small)Stone & Flint088m 23s12m
Silver Vein (Large)Silver103511m 54s17m
Silver Vein (Medium)Silver102510m 30s15m
Silver Vein (Small)Silver10158m 23s12m
Seeping Stone (Large)Oil207011m 54s17m
Seeping Stone (Medium)Oil204510m 30s15m
Seeping Stone (Small)Oil20358m 23s12m
Gold Vein (Large)Gold4512017m 51s25m 30s
Gold Vein (Medium)Gold459515m 44s22m 30s
Gold Vein (Small)Gold457012m 36s18m
BlightcragMagical Stones & Motes502014m20m
LifejewelMagical Stones & Motes502014m20m
SoulspireMagical Stones & Motes502014m20m
SpringstoneMagical Stones & Motes502014m20m
ShockspireMagical Stones & Motes502014m20m
ScorchstoneMagical Stones & Motes502014m20m
EarthcragMagical Stones & Motes502014m20m
Mountain ElementalLodestone1007021m30m
Tundra ElementalStarmetal1001521m30m
Starmetal Vein (Large)Starmetal10012017m 51s25m 30s
Starmetal Vein (Medium)Starmetal1009515m 44s22m 30s
Starmetal Vein (Small)Starmetal1007012m 36s18m
Sandstone (Large)Charged Sand1059517m 51s25m 30s
Sandstone (Medium)Charged Sand1057015m 44s22m 30s
Sandstone (Small)Charged Sand1054512m 36s18m
Lodestone (Large)Lodestone1059517m 51s25m 30s
Lodestone (Medium)Lodestone1057015m 44s22m 30s
Lodestone (Small)Lodestone1054512m 36s18m
Platinum Vein (Large)Platinum11013548m 18s1h 9m
Platinum Vein (Medium)Platinum11011044m 48s1h 4m
Platinum Vein (Small)Platinum1108541m 18s59m
Orichalcum Vein (Large)Orichalcum17513523m 48s34m
Orichalcum Vein (Medium)Orichalcum17511021m30m
Orichalcum Vein (Small)Orichalcum1758516m 47s24m

All Mining Veins Respawn and Gather Times (Dungeons / Events)

NameResource CategoryRequired Mining SkillGather Time (Seconds)
Concentrated Blight (Dungeon)Blight015
Large Infused Ore Vein (Large) (Outpost Rush)Infused Ore090
Infused Ore Vein (Medium) (Outpost Rush)Infused Ore060
Small Infused Ore Vein (Small) (Outpost Rush)Infused Ore030
Iron Vein (Large) (Dungeon)Iron035
Iron Vein (Medium) (Dungeon)Iron025
Iron Vein (Small) (Dungeon)Iron015
Silver Vein (Large) (Dungeon)Silver1035
Silver Vein (Medium) (Dungeon)Silver1025
Gold Vein (Large) (Dungeon)Gold45120
Gold Vein (Medium) (Dungeon)Gold4595
Gold Vein (Small) (Dungeon)Gold4570
Blightcrag (Dungeon)Magical Stones & Motes5020
Lifejewel (Dungeon)Magical Stones & Motes5020
Springstone (Dungeon)Magical Stones & Motes5020
Shockspire (Dungeon)Magical Stones & Motes5020
Scorchstone (Dungeon)Magical Stones & Motes5020
Earthcrag (Dungeon)Magical Stones & Motes5020
Soulspire (Dungeon)Magical Stones & Motes5020
Starmetal Vein (Large) (Dungeon)Starmetal100120
Starmetal Vein (Medium) (Dungeon)Starmetal10095
Starmetal Vein (Small) (Dungeon)Starmetal10070
Platinum Vein (Large) (Dungeon)Platinum110135
Platinum Vein (Medium) (Dungeon)Platinum110110
Platinum Vein (Small) (Dungeon)Platinum11085
Boulder (Medium) (Dungeon)Stone15030
Boulder (Large) (Dungeon)Stone15030
Orichalcum Vein (Large) (Dungeon)Orichalcum175135
Orichalcum Vein (Medium) (Dungeon)Orichalcum175110
Orichalcum Vein (Small) (Dungeon)Orichalcum17585
Corrupted Orichalcum SpireOrichalcum17585
Boulder (Medium) (Dungeon)Stone20035
Boulder (Large) (Dungeon)Stone20035

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