Capcom Wants to Release a Big Game Every 2.5 Years, Will Continue to Support Last-Gen Consoles as Well as PS4/Xbox One/PC

Capcom hasn’t been the hottest publisher of late, but thankfully for the Japanese firm, another Japanese firm has taken to pissing off consumers at every opportunity: Konami.

Still, Capcom has a way to go, but it looks like the firm is pulling its socks up and getting on with the job.

In a recent financial report, the company reveals that Xbox 360 and PS3 owners won’t be left in the dark when it comes to new releases. Capcom intends to fully support multi-platform titles, both with the current-gen consoles and the last-gen machines that still sit in many a living room.

The reasons? According to Capcom it’s because there’s simply still a lot of old consoles sitting under lots of televisions across the globe so it makes financial sense to put as many games out on as many consoles as possible, and that’s including PC as the firm looks to enhance its PC line-up through online titles.

The firm also mentions that as part of its strategy for filling its bank account with money, games will be developed in 2.5 years rather than the four 4 years that it takes to develop a major title. It’s perhaps the reason why we’re seeing that dodgy Resident Evil multiplayer shooter. We’ll also be likely to see new brands, as the firm aims to consolidate internal game development and continuously push out new brands and million-seller titles.

This is Capcom’s plan for getting some money in the bank, but whether it works is another matter. Gamers may not warm to smaller, lower budget games when they’ve already got an appetite for larger, more sophisticated games. In an ideal world every game would be a big-budget release, but with so many platforms to consider, along with the rising costs of developing such products, it’s probably going to be a more common occurrence.

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