Destroyer Lost Ark Class Guide

Detailed breakdown of the Destroyer Class in Lost Ark
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You will want to check out our Destroyer Lost Ark class guide, which covers everything you need to know about the class and its purpose in the game. Lost Ark’s classes allow for wildly different playstyles in both PvE and PvP content, based on your skills, engravings, and item choices. You’ll also want to know the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen class, and their role in party content, so read on for our Destroyer Lost Ark class guide.

Destroyer Class Guide Overview

Straight to the point, what is the key information you need to know to start off? We will go further into detail on these later in the guide:

  • Class Type: Male Warrior
  • Weapon: Warhammer
  • Role Type: Tanky, Very Slow, High Damage DPS
  • Assets: Provides Very high Stagger and Destruction abilities
  • Stat Priorities:
    • Rage Hammer Build: Crit>Specialization=Swiftness
    • Gravity Training Build: Specialization>Crit
  • Identity Gauge:
    • Concentration Skills (generate orbs) and Gravity Release Skills (consume orbs)
    • Identity skill: become immune to CC’s, can only use a Powered up Auto-Attack.
  • Class Engravings: Rage Hammer & Gravity Training

Destroyer Playstyle

destroyer guide lost ark

Destroyers have slow attacks and animation speeds but make up for it with very high damaging skills. They have very high defense and shields which allow them to absorb a lot of damage while attacking enemies from in front. They aren’t too difficulty to play, and perform well in both PVE and PVP. They are in the party to provide DPS while also bringing insanely high Stagger and Destruction abilities to clear those mechanics with ease.

The main feature of the playstyle of a Destroyer is through rotating usage of Concentration skills to gain orbs, which are the resources for the higher damaging Gravity Release skills. They generally deal head attack damage from in front of the boss and mitigate damage taken with shields from the Gravity Release skills.

Your Awakening skills as a Destroyer are Big Bang or Terra Break:

Big Bang

Gather gravitational energy then explode it, inflicting 111 Damage to foes in a 3.2 meter radius and knocking them away. All incoming Damage -50% and gain immunity against debuffs, Pushes, and Move Speed reductions. Ignore collisions with Normal foes while gathering energy. You can move while gathering gravitational energy. Damage up to +222.0, and the explosion radius up to +8 meters, depending on how long you gathered energy.

Terra Break Hammer

Hammer the ground in front of you, inflicting 111 Damage as gravitational energy drops from the sky, inflicting 111 Damage. The ground cracks, casting a gravitational field. All foes within the field are knocked down. Swing your hammer upward to create anti-gravity and inflict 111 and 111 Damage. All foes within range are shot into the air. Concentrate your energy and jump, hammering foes flat to the ground with 111 Damage.
This skill restores your Gravity Meter 100%.

Stats Allocation

Rage Hammer Build

  1. Crit
  2. Specialization and/or Swiftness

Crit is priority #1 up to around 60% Crit Rate; you can go higher but the return is less. Specialization and Swiftness are the secondary stat that can be distributed evenly. Choose Specialization if you have the Spirit Absorption engraving.

Gravity Training Build

  1. Specialization
  2. Crit

Specialization is key in order to generate more Identity Gauge to use the Identity Skill more often.

Destroyer Engravings Priority

Your top priority for engravings on a Destroyer is your Class Engraving. Whether you want to specialize in Rage Hammer or Gravity builds, make sure your number one priority is to obtain 15 points of this engraving. Here is your overall priority:

Rage Hammer Build Primary

  1. Rage Hammer
  2. Super Charge
  3. Grudge (Only if Level 3)
  4. Barricade
  5. Master Brawler


  • Cursed Doll (Only if Level 3)
  • Spirit Absorption

After your class engraving, Rage Hammer, Super Charge is the best option. Many Gravity Release Skills are charge type and the increased casting speed is necessary in order to hit the target.

Next up is Level 3 of Grudge (15 points allocated). While the destroyer is the class with the 2nd highest amount of defense, it is still not advised taking unless you can go straight to level 3. This will give you a significant increase in damage, most classes will need to be confident in avoiding damage with this engraving but the shields and high defense should make it easier for destroyers.

Barricade provides a straight damage boost to Gravity Skills as they provide a shield when used.

The Final Engraving is a choice between Master Brawler, Cursed Doll, and Spirit Absorption.

  • Master Brawler: Increases Head Attack Damage (most skills have this bonus condition)
  • Cursed Doll (Level 3 only): Flat damage increase, without needing to have frontal positioning.
  • Spirit Absorption: As the Destroyer is slower, faster attack speed is appreciated, and movement speed can help position to the front of the boss for skills that benefit from head attack.

Gravity Training Build Engravings Priority

  1. Gravity Training
  2. Grudge (Only if Level 3)
  3. Barricade
  4. Master Brawler
  5. Spirit Absorption

After your class engraving, Gravity Training, Level 3 Grudge provides the highest damage boost. While in theory Master Brawler provides more damage, landing frontal attacks can be challenging if you have to constantly be on the move.

Barricade provides a straight damage boost to Gravity Skills as they provide a shield when used.

Master Brawler is prioritized next, even after Barricade, as barricade is a flat damage boost, while Master Brawler is a positional damage booster.

Finally, Spirit Absorption is a good choice as the Destroyer has slow attack speeds. The extra attack speed is really helpful, and the movement speed boost can help position to the front of the boss for the many skills that benefit from head attack.

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