Glaivier Lost Ark Class Guide

Detailed breakdown of the Glaivier Class in Lost Ark
glaivier guide

Our Glaivier Lost Ark class guide covers everything players will need to know about this Martial Artist subclass, and how it fits into team comps for raids and PvP content. Players are given a lot of choice for classes in Lost Ark, and with more added over the course of each year, the meta keeps shifting for both PvE and PvP content. So take a look at the Glaivier Lost Ark class guide and see how to improve your play.

Glaivier Class Guide Overview

Straight to the point, what is the key information you need to know to start off? We will go further into detail on these later in the guide:

  • Class Type: Female Martial Artist
  • Weapon: Lance / Glaive
  • Role Type: Well-Rounded DPS
  • Assets: Provides decent Destruction and Stagger abilities
  • Stat Priorities: Swiftness/Crit (Control Build) or Specialization/Crit (Pinnacle Build)
  • Identity Gauge – 2 Stances: Flurry Stance and Focus Stance
  • Class Engravings: Control & Pinnacle

Glaivier Playstyle

Glaiviers are well-rounded Martial Artists that thrive on being well-balanced. They are middle of the pack in terms of difficulty to play, and perform well in both PVE and PVP. You are in the party to provide decent DPS while also bringing Destruction and Stagger abilities to the mix.

The main feature of the playstyle of a Glaivier is how your Identity Gauge works between your two stances: Flurry and Focus. You will fight most of the time in your Flurry Stance, otherwise known as Blue. As you fight in in Flurry stance, you will increase your Identity Gauge. When you are ready to unleash a burst damage combo, activate your Focus stance and prepare to decimate your enemies.

Your Awakening skills as a Glaivier are your Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor, or Storming Red Dragon:

Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor

Perform an attack at the target location. Leap 4 meters backward while facing forward, focus energy onto your spear, and throw it at the target area. The spear strikes the ground to inflict 864 Damage, then causes an explosion that inflicts 1729, 1729, 1123, 1123, 1038, 1038 Damage, knocking foes back with the last hit.

Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon

Focus your mind and thrust your spear in front of you to inflict 453 Damage, then pull it back, inflicting 453 Damage and pulling foes closer. Afterwards, swing your spear and inflict 724 Damage 5 times, followed by a series of thrusts that inflict 453 Damage 8 times. Move 8 meters past foes and deliver a finishing blow, inflicting 905 Damage and knocking foes back.

Stats Allocation

Control Build

  1. Swiftness
  2. Crit

Control makes use of certain engravings that scale well with high Swiftness.

Pinnacle Build

  1. Specialization
  2. Crit or Swiftness

Generate Identity Gauge faster with Specialization. Additionally, the buff from Pinnacle scales well with Specialization.

Glaivier Engravings Priority


  1. Control or Pinnacle
  2. Grudge (Only if Level 3)
  3. Cursed Doll (Only if Level 3)
  4. Raid Captain
  5. Master of Ambush


  • Keen Blunt Weapon (Only with Pinnacle)
  • Adrenaline (Only with Control)
  • Spirit Absorption (Only with Control)

Your top priority for engravings on a Glaivier is your Class Engraving. Whether you want to specialize in Control or Pinnacle builds, make sure your number one priority is to obtain 15 points of this engraving. Here is your overall priority:

After your class engraving, if you really want to min-max you will want to target Level 3 of both Grudge and Cursed Doll (15 points allocated to each). Both of these are not worth taking unless you can go straight to level 3. This will give you a significant increase in damage, though they should only be taken if you feel confident with boss mechanics and your ability to move out of the way. If you are getting hit much during fights, you will die much easier and it will not be worth it.

Raid Captain is an excellent choice as you will have high movement speed by choosing Swiftness with Control, or via the buff from Pinnacle. As you build swiftness, you will build Movement Speed. Raid Captain allows you to capitalize off this movement speed with greater outgoing damage.

Master of Ambush is taken as you will be attempting to attack from behind most of the time. This will help your outgoing damage as long as you are behind the target.

Keen Blunt Weapon pairs well with the buff from Pinnacle as it provides +50% Crit Rate when swapping to Flurry Stance at 3 Levels of Identity Gauge. In addition, Shackling Blue Dragon provides +18% Crit Rate. Focus Skills have tripods that provide increased Crit Rate too.

Adrenaline, Spirit Absorption, and Raid Captain all work well together with when using the Control Class engraving. Increased attack speed from high swiftness and Spirit Absorption improve the Adrenaline buff uptime. Increased movement speed from high swiftness and Spirit Absorption improves the effectiveness Raid Captain.

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