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DRIVECLUB Bikes Rated for PS4

It would seem that Driveclub is getting a bigger than usual update very soon, at least according to the PEGI ratings board which has recently rated something called Driveclub Bikes.

The rating doesn’t go into details, but with Evolution Studios making an appearance at Paris Games week it seems more than likely that we’ll hear something official later on today when Sony takes to the stage during its press conference in Paris. The rating does mention that today is the release date, but the PEGI board typically just puts the date as when the game was rated, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see a surprise release today.

Bikes seems like a strange addition to the series, but we can’t be sure if this will be a standalone release or an update that will be added to the main game. Either way, it’s a big change from the four wheel racing antics that we’ve been enjoying as of late.

There’s actually already a Driveclub Bikes knock-off out on the PS4 with Big Ben Interactive’s Bikeclub, but the less said about that shoddy mess of a game, the better.

driveclub bikes


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  1. One year later, and Driveclub is still getting updates, tons of new content, etc.
    Talk about love.
    When most companies these days release half-finished games with 10 billion bugs, and once they have sold the last 15$/€ DLC, their game is officially dead.
    Driveclub guys are still working on their baby, but better, they’re even listening to gamers feedback, and bringing many requested features.

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