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TY the Tasmanian Tiger Originals for PC Details Shared, Steam Is Priority But Consoles May Happen Afterwards

A little while ago we told you that Krome Studios, the team behind the popular TY the Tasmanian Tiger franchise, was working on porting the original three games to the PC platform. They originally released on the OG Xbox, Gamecube and PS2, but now they’re coming to PC.

However, if you’re expecting a beefed up and extended version of the outback adventures then you’ll be sorely disappointed. Krome has stated that the games will be directly ported without any enhancements (though we assume running in full resolution will be on the table) as they don’t want to create a “special edition” of the beloved games. They’ll also fully support gamepads (no brainer, really) and could arrive as early as next year on Steam. The developer also stated that there’s no chance we’ll see TY and his mates this side of New Year’s Eve as it’s “slow going”. This makes sense, actually, as Krome studios isn’t the same company it was back in the day; the company is now a fully independent studio with a small workforce of a dozen or so employees.

It’s all good news for PC players at the moment, but console owners should get a wee bit excited, too. Krome has said that while the PC Steam release is the focus for the moment, it’s entirely possible that the games could be ported to consoles, though there are no specific consoles being mentioned. If the TY trilogy was to get a console release, it’d be safe bet to assume that PS4 and Xbox One would be the target platforms and possibly even the Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 as there are still millions of each console sitting below TV sets across the world. The PS Vita could also be a good candidate, but whether a small company would risk the time and money on a PS Vita port is another matter entirely.

Krome recently re-released the previously Windows 8 exclusive TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4 on Steam. We gave it a whirl and did a review. You can find that over here.

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