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Driveclub Getting a New Mobile App, Lots of Trophies and Private Lobbies After Big October Update

Yes, Driveclub is getting a new mobile app, even though the original one still hasn’t been released yet. Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky has revealed on Twitter that the team is actually working on a new mobile app, but he didn’t give much away as to when it will release, what features it will have and why the original one was a victim of a hit-and-run, but he did state that more information will be coming soon regarding the companion app. Take your time guys, we’ve already waited almost a year…

Trophy hunters and those who don’t like playing with the general public will be pleased to know that there will be plenty of trophies added to the game this year, along with private lobbies. We’ve waited for what feels like an age for private lobbies, but we’ve been assured it’s definitely coming October, sometime shortly after the big update drops. We’ll see.

There’s also the possibility of a few gameplay changes being made to Driveclub. Rustchynsky, answering a fans tweet on twitter, revealed that the team is considering building a track that is more or less just a straight line that lets you go full-speed. In addition, there’s a chance that we may see the cockpit view get an extra position. For some it can be quite off-putting to drive in the first-person while being constricted to one side of the car. Sure, it gives the game a bit of realism, but it’d still be nice to have the traditional central viewpoint. There are no promises being made, but according to the game’s director, there’s a chance it could be implemented. We’d be all over that.


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    1. You can say that again. The hater forget that games are about fun. And that’s one area where DC excels. So not only does it have the graphics but it also brings the fun. Unlike some other drivings that really aren’t about fun anymore.

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