Feature: 15 Paid Android Games Worth Your Money

Gaming on smartphones has become commonplace now these days. Back when the first iPhone and Android devices released we were all playing some primitive touchscreen games that at the time seemed to be the pinnacle of mobile gaming, but now look less like gaming experiences and more like cheap gimmicks.

That’s all changed in the last few years, with publishers and developers opting to create deeper experiences and games that are more than just one-off novelties. Whilst there’s many a game to choose from in the free section of the Google Play store, the best of the best rest within the paid section, and we’re going to give you the run-down of whats hot.

So, in no particular order…



Price: £3.05

CounterSpy recently released for the PS4, PS4 and PS Vita, but has now been ported to iOS and Android device. CounterSpy takes the stealth gameplay to different dimensions, with side scrolling happening in 2D and shootouts being played in 3D over the shoulder, it’s a steal at just over three quid. CounterSpy also has one hell of a unique art-style to it, quite appealing if we say so ourselves.



Sonic The Hedgehog

Price: £2.11

SEGA’s mascot back in 90’s has been on Android for a while now, and those who know the little blue dude from back in the day will get all nostalgic when you hear the soundtrack start up. It’s classic Sonic on the go, what more could you ask for? Better controls would be one, but with a plug-in controller it’ll be like the Mega Drive (or Genesis) never got chucked away…



Riptide GP2

Price: £1.29

Riptide GP2 is the sequel to Riptide GP and improves in every single way. Super-fast water racing, blazing graphics and a thumping soundtrack make this one of the best racers available on Android, without costing a bomb. There’s also full controller support for those who aren’t too fond of touch screen controls and want the responsiveness of a console game.




Price: £0.69

Faithfully recreated cult-classic from the 90’s era of gaming, Carmageddon is as gloriously gory and satisfying on Android. The graphics are more or less the same as back when it first released in 1997 for PC, but with a bit more clarity. Racing plus mayhem equals hours of fun. Perfect for relieving pent-up stress… There’s also a free version on the Google Play Store if you want to give it a go before investing the whopping 69p asking price.


mens-room-mayhem androud

Men’s Room Mayhem

Price: £1.49

We never really grow out of toilet humour, we just suppress it in public. That’s a little harder to do with Ripstone’s Men’s Room Mayhem… You’ll need to practice men’s room etiquette to avoid getting bust ups between blokes wanting to go to the loo, manage your patrons paths before they ruin your floors and make sure they wash their hands for a cheeky bonus! We’ve previously reviewed the PS Vita version, and it’s a delightful little title, especially for toilet enthusiasts who must take their gaming to the porcelain throne…



Crazy Taxi


Craaaaaaaaaaaazy Taxi! There’s something strangely satisfying about smashing through hot-dog stands to deliver a fare to their destination on time. Maybe it’s the destruction, maybe it’s the sense of reward by getting their in good time, or maybe it’s imagining the same experience in real life and how that would pan out. Either way, it’s all good fun. It’s crazy taxi that you know and love from the days of the Dreamcast (R.I.P) complete with a massive town to smash your way through, as well as 16 mini games for quick bursts. Driving games don’t far especially well with touch-screen controls, but Crazy Taxi does a good enough job, but there is also full controller support should you need it.

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