Feature: Top 10 Indie Games On Steam You Have Got To Play

Indie games are becoming more and more common place within the gaming industry; they’re cheap to produce, cheap to buy and often times provide unique gameplay that’s hard to find in your run-of-the-mill AAA games.

Steam has become the hub for all indie developers, with its huge online store and bigger user base, it’s the place to be right now if you’re an indie developer, as well as a frugal gamer.

So, with that, let’s see what the top 10 indie games on Steam are, there’s something for everyone!


Prison Architect
Developer: Introversion Software
Price: £19.99

Before you run to comments screaming hellfire about the price, please note that this is the most expensive on the list, all others are MUCH cheaper! That doesn’t mean Prison Architect isn’t worth the money, because it’s worth it and more.

The game plays out as a 2D management sim, where you are tasked with building the perfect prison to hold the numerous criminals. You’ll need to plan accordingly as your budget is only so big and without a steady income you’ll soon find you have less cash to improve. This is where Prison Architect gets interesting. If you’re into management sims then you’ll enjoy the challenge on offer.

The game is currently in Alpha and is available through Steam’s Early Access program, whereby if you buy the game now, you’ll receive a free copy of the full title when it is eventually released.

Don’t let the fact that it’s an Alpha build put you off, Prison Architect is in a very playable state, but does have some bugs that can affect gameplay. The developers are also very pro-active with their community, they’re releasing new builds every month, steadily improving the game and pushing it in the direction of being one of the best management sims available.


Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons
Developer: Starbreeze Studios AB
Price: £10.99

If it’s a game with a story you’re looking for, coupled with a low price of course, you can’t do wrong with Starbreeze’s Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. You’ll control both of the Brothers in their quest to find a cure for their father who has fallen ill. Along the way you’ll be presented with some of the most stunning scenery you’ve ever seen in a game, it’s God damn gorgeous!

The story clocks in at around 5-6 hours, depending on how you play, so it’s fairly good value for your money, especially when considered against a lot of AAA titles that you can breeze through in half the time for twice the price.

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