Feature: PS4: One Year On

The PS4 released more or less a year ago, ushering in the next-generation era of gaming. 

So how has Sony’s PS4 done? Has it been a resounding success? Has it delivered on its promises of being the best games console on the market? Is it truly the next-gen console we’ve been waiting for?

Success? YES

The PS4 is without a doubt a success, just look at how many of the consoles are sitting in people’s homes right now. According to sales figures, the PS4 has managed to shift ten-million units since it’s release last November. How? Pricing. Simple. Sony tempted the masses by setting the retail price at £349.99 in the UK and a respectable $399 in the United States. Compare it to the PS3’s original retail price and you’ll be amazed how Sony made such a cock-up with the PS3’s launch price. Can you believe we actually paid £425 here in the UK for the PS3? Players in the United States didn’t get it easier either, they ended up splashing out $600 for the machine.

Sony’s decision to bring the price of the PS4 down has played a massive role in the consoles ongoing sales success, due in no small part to some fierce competition from retailers. Each retailer is trying their best to get the consoles out the door so they end up offering bundles at great value to the customer. We’ve already seen some great deals go by over the last few months with UK retailer GAME stepping in with all sorts of crazy offers as well as Amazon UK flogging great value bundles for less than the cost of the console’s RRP.

Best games console? YES

It’s not hard to see that the PS4 is clearly outclassing the Xbox One, for the time being at least. It’s not a slate at Microsoft and the Xbox One, nor at Nintendo with the Wii U, but when you break it down into simple terms, then there’s nothing clearer.

The PS4 offers you everything you could wish for as a gamer; an attractive introductory price, fantastic console features and most importantly great games. Oh, and there’s also PS Plus, which is a requirement to play games online with the PS4. It’s not bad though, for the price you get free PS4 games every month as well as PS3 and PS Vita games. What’s not to like?

Truly next-gen? MASSIVE YES

Of course it is! It’s just as next-gen as the PS3 was when it took over the mantle from the PS2. The console was designed to be capable of much more than we’ve ever seen in video games before and we’re already seeing the results. Just take a look at the likes of inFamous: Second Son with its huge open world, Watch Dogs and its impressive attempt at recreating Chicago and racing simulator DriveClub. Then there’s the future, with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and more on the way. If I was shown those games five years ago and told they were running on a games console that would set me back less than £350, I’d slap you in the face and tell you to look again, because they are clearly live-action videos.

The PS4 has started its life-cycle with a strong thumping heartbeat, let it beat, let it beat. (The Beatles reference there. Classy lad, me.)

Do you think the PS4 has had a good start? Are you satisfied with your purchase? Or have you yet to own a PS4? Let us know what you think down in the comments section below.

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  1. You’re god damn right. I have my ps4 for 2-3 months now and what I’ve seen so far is mindblowing . The guys at SONY surely delivered . Waiting for the 2.0 Update now 🙂

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